My 1st Attempt at Underwater Photography

In case you were wondering, this first attempt at underwater photography was at the fishing village of Saifat Ash Shiekh, a place I’ve blogged about before.  Click on this link to see my previous post from 9 months ago including 2 short videos.  PERFECT spot for snorkeling! Tomorrow morning 4 colleagues and I are heading to the Damaniyat Islands to do some scuba-diving! YIPPEE! I am bringing a waterproof camera which should be good down to 15-metres.  I sure hope they allow a newbie scuba-diver to take a few pics…

4 responses to “My 1st Attempt at Underwater Photography

  1. Great first atttempt at underwater photography, Andy! Did you get a real underwater camera or a disposable one?

    • This was a cheap 4.5 rial disposable one. These are underwater pics while snorkeling. The ones from 20 metres plus underwater all came out dark blue! I definitely need to get me a nice diving camera!

  2. Hey Andy! We are looking for a disposable camera to take to wadi Shab — do you know anywhere in muscat that sells them?

    • Hi, Mal. I’m sure just about any photo store sells disposable cameras but I’m guessing you must be looking for a disposable underwater camera, right?! There are spots in Wadi Shab that are only safe for waterproof camera. The photoshop in Sabco sells them for 4.5 rials, I believe. Sometimes they have them in Foto Magic in Muscat City Centre Seeb for 4.5 rials as well. They sell some decent UW disposable cameras with video at Omanta Scuba at the “Club House” where the Intercontinental meets the beach. They even have some in there that take memory cards and are reusable! Great idea! Someday I plan to take a disposable underwater camera to Wadi Shab to get some photos and videos of the “secret underwater cave” there. Hope you have fun!

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