Local Ninja Seeks Kick-Ass Job

Posted in the “Situation Vacant” section of the Oman Tribune on Saturday, September 8th.

16 responses to “Local Ninja Seeks Kick-Ass Job

  1. This made me LOL

  2. lol…definitely a plus!

  3. That’s it. I learned Karate back in the 4th grade. I’m putting ‘mad ninja skills’ on my resume .

    • Imagine the potential employer looking at his/your resume though and thinking, “What if I ever had to fire this guy?! He might do me some serious damage!” 😉

  4. Please let me have his number…I always wanted to hire a ninja 🙂

    • I almost put the whole ad including his phone numbers but I imagined the poor guy getting hilarious calls from people asking/joking about his ninja skills. That’s all I would need is some killer ninja on the lookout for AndyinOman, haha! 😉

  5. Incidentally, I am going to steal this for my FB!

  6. You aren’t supposed to tell people you are a ninja!
    See that Ninja?
    No, what Ninja?

    • Haha! 🙂 Your lines remind me of some of the scenes in the movie, Beverly Hills Ninja. “I am sure you would like to know who I am and what I do, but as part of my creed, I cannot tell you. See my identity must remain mysterious and my mission secret, I cannot reveal it to you.”

  7. That guy, always that guy

    Ninja shizzle aside- i love the way he starts the ad with, ‘An Omani.’ Like I would start an ad for myself with, ‘Man.’
    He then lets us know that he has a certificate in AutoCAD which is a pretty much like applying for a job as a formula 1 driver and saying, ‘I have a provisional driving license inshallah.’ And then, after exulting us in his certifiable usage of a very high-end programme lets us know that he is computer literate!
    But, you know, at the end of the day, this guy has stood up and put his foot forward by putting an ad for himself in a newspaper, unfortunately The Tribune which is possibly the worst newspaper in the world, and that includes both tissue and toilet paper. Wit that sort of initiative, he will probably end up being a minister.

  8. Mentioning your nationality is important. Because in Oman, you are hired and paid on nationality especially if you are Omani or Indian ect… so. Nothing weird about mentioning that in this context.

    I guess the karate cert. is to show that he is dependable to show up enough times to get qualified and that should show he is disciplined to future employers??? Random, like someone applying to work in an office who mentions as a main feature of their CV “I like to garden and am good at it”. Always makes me scratch my head.

    • Princess,
      I agree with everything you’ve written here. He probably had a distinct purpose in mind with mentioning his Karate Certificate but instead it makes the reader scratch their head. It wouldn’t have caught my attention as much if he simply wrote that he had his “Karate blackbelt” or something about Karate, but placing the word “NINJA” in there is simply hilarious. As far as I know, practising the art of Karate does not make one a “Ninja”! 🙂

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