Millennium Resort, Mussanah

7 responses to “Millennium Resort, Mussanah

  1. gosh Andy you always make everything look so pretty eh? I went to this place once for some work party (not my work, a relative’s) and thought it was pretty, but not this pretty! I wouldnt mind being there right now. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jado! I have plenty of rubbish pics I could share with everyone, haha, but I thought the whole point of photography was too try and capture the beauty of this world. 😉 We really enjoyed our time there and have some fond family memories, especially in their fantastic pools! Because they treated us so well and we had such a relaxing family getaway, I believe I owe it to the staff and management there to try and present the best that Millennium has to offer. Anyone who knows me will know that (as much as possible) I just want to share our positive experiences in Oman as much as I can.

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  3. Hi Andy, great pics. Just Googling around for info on Oman as I’ll be out there on business in November for a couple of weeks. Seen some mixed reports on the Millennium Resort where I’ll be staying (as guests of the Oman Navy) Doesn’t look to be a lot around there? Guess I might be staying in the hotel a lot :o)

    • Sorry it took about a month to get back to you, Steve!
      Are you at the Millennium now? It’s a beautiful area and I would suggest you take a good look around this beautiful country while you’re here. Absolutely no reason to just stay at the hotel although it would be tempting to do so as we love it there! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment Andy, I saw from our Blog that you’d taken a break, so wasn’t too surprised about not getting a reply.
    No. not there right now, my trip has been pushed back and I’ll be in residence from 6th to 19th of December.
    It sure looks nice… so I’ll be taking in as much as possible.

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