“3 Sisters” (Divesite), The Damaniyat Islands

3 Sisters” is another fantastic divesite at the Damaniyat Islands Nature Reserve.  It’s so named because it’s a spot where 3 of the 9 islands come together.  This pic gives just a small taste of the incredible sights you can take in underwater just offshore of Oman.

Yours truly having a blast!

Kim, one of my dive buddies, who is a divemaster! (There’s obviously an added sense of security when you know that the person you’re diving with has done the “rescue diver” course! 🙂 )

Another of my diving buddies that day, Denise, who has more than 150 dives under her belt.  Check out her cool camera housing.

Ali, an instructor at Global Scuba, who paired up with me on this 2nd dive at 3 Sisters as well as our 1st dive at The Aquarium.

A eye-catching Angel Fish – one of the hundreds of sights that blew my mind during this 43 minute dive. Like the PADI Open Water Diver Manual promises, “You can see more different species in 10 minutes (at a pristine coral reef) than in 10 hours in the most unspoiled wildernesses above water.”

Is it just me or does this moral eel not look like a sock puppet to you? 🙂

Imagine my utter surprise to see this gorgeous turtle on my 2nd ocean dive! They say that objects are magnified underwater making creatures look much larger.  Well this turtle looked HUGE as it swam within what seemed like inches from us!

The majesty of this turtle as it swam by us escapes description.  I really wish I could have captured this scene on video as it was beautiful.

Anyone know what this blue fish is called? My best guess is that it might be a blue groper but sources I’ve read mention this fish as only being found near Australia. (?)  I’m definitely going to have to buy myself a Coral Reef Fish book sometime soon!

As our group was snapping pics of this stingray, it rose up from the ocean floor and began swimming around.  I kept thinking about the “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin, who was pierced through the chest by one of these things and died 6 years ago!  Everyone keeps reminding me that these are gentle creatures but you never know…  One blogger that I follow, Island Traveler, just wrote about his son swimming with 170 of these creatures!

These pictures, brilliantly captured by my diving buddy, Louise Regan, (didn’t get a photo of her!) give just a small sample of the beauty of God’s creation that opens up to you once you decide to give diving a try! I’m sure glad I did! 🙂

43 minutes at 14.8 metres – Visibility was fair

5 responses to ““3 Sisters” (Divesite), The Damaniyat Islands

  1. Awww that looks amazing… i’ve never done anything like this before.
    I LOVE the turtle!!

    • It was so amazing, raaina! I hope it inspires some people out there to give scuba diving a try as it’s incredible! The turtle shots from my friend Louise are beautiful. You can tell I love them as I posted all 3 pics of the turtle! 🙂

  2. Nice snaps! Especially the eel and turtle!

    • Yes, Louise took some fabulous pics! You’ve got a lovely wordpress site. I really enjoyed your “So many sharks, so little time video”! Thanks for commenting!

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