Creepy Castle Critters – BATS in Oman!

If you’re an avid explorer of forts, castles and watchtowers in Oman, you’re bound to see (or at least hear) some bats eventually.  During my recent trip to Al Suwaiq Fort/Castle, I heard what seemed to be chirping or tweeting sounds from between the castle walls.  I was sure that it must be a bunch of birds…

Would this sight freak you out if you were visiting a fort in Oman?

You can be sure that there are plenty of bats around when you see such a mess! (and no, those aren’t hershey’s kisses, boys and girls! 🙂 )

This is what I saw as I looked up in one of the spaces immediately in front of the corner towers just before several bats pooped on my head. (Good thing I was wearing my sunglasses! 😉 )

If you’re curious to see bats in Oman, it might be time to explore some of the countless forts and castles. Just look out for falling poop!

5 responses to “Creepy Castle Critters – BATS in Oman!

  1. You know, God makes some amazing creatures you can’t help but be in awe when you see them. I predict though, that my first impression of bats will not be a delightful one!! Ugh they are like rodents with wings! And let me tell you, rodents should never have wings!! Haha. Oh boy. Must have been cool for you to see them though. Minus the poop of course ;).

  2. Yikes!! I’ve never seen bats in forts in Oman, and honestly I hope I never do! I like Jado’s comment that they are like rodents with wings. Eeek~~

  3. Yikes. We had a bat living in our rafters for sometime this year. He would pop out nightly just to give me a big scare. I wrote a post about it you can read it here:

    • Seeing a bat occasionally in a fort is nothing compared to having one LIVE with you. YIKES! No, thank you. Great post, BTW!

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