The Proclaimers in Muscat, Oman!!!

Sometimes I dilly dally about getting behind something or making a commitment to something but then when I do commit, I’m usually 100% behind it!  It’s just part of my nature I guess.  (As a side note, I find it annoying when people say “110%” or “200%” or whatever.  How on earth do you go beyond 100%, Sherlock?! Just had to get that off my chest, haha!) Anyway, I remember about a month ago or so being online and seeing tweets from HiFm, one of the top radio stations in Oman, and reading that they were announcing big news about a top performer coming to town.  I thought, “Wow! This is going to be a biggee!”  After a few exciting moments of waiting, trying to guess who it might be, I remember being somewhat disappointed when they announced it was the Proclaimers.  I thought, “Oh, yeah – the guys who sing “500 miles (which I used to LOVE!)..but do I want to pay money to see a one-hit wonder band?”  Well, in the past week I’ve been youtubing these gents on youtube and I realize that they play all kinds of songs that I recognize and really enjoy.  I find that the ones I haven’t heard before are incredible and it makes me wonder why I’ve never listened to them more.  These men are incredible live performers, lyrical geniuses and wonderful story tellers.  Here are a few of my favorite songs from the Proclaimers; some old, some new.  I dare you to listen to a few. If you do, as I did, you will be dying to get your hands on some tickets sometime this week before they are sold-out!                                    By far, their most popular song but don’t get the idea that that’s the only song worth listening to!LOVE the lyrics and energy behind this song!                                               Obviously not their song, but I just wanted to show how they bring something new to different songs they cover.                                                                               One of those “good vibe songs” that I remember from so many years ago.A beautiful song that makes me think of my precious son and the dreams and hopes I have for him.  “He’s just like me!” (Scary thought!)                          A new one for me.  Great lyrics!                                                                               Great song for those of us who’ve found the love of our lives! (and for those still looking…)

Nice country tune. “Everybody’s a victim. We’re becoming like the USA!” 🙂 Sorry to my American friends out there, haha! Could definitely apply to Canada as well…Fantastic!This song, Sunshine on Leith, is another hit from their 2nd and best known album.  It’s about their hometown, Leith, but the lyrics, like many of their songs, are so deep that they have the potential to take on a different personal meaning to each individual hearing it.                                                                      In Recognition – “Oh, vanity!”                                                                           One Too Many.  There might be a few attending the Intercontinental Garden on Thursday who will fit this bill! 😉                                                                    If There’s a God.  Deep song about how a loving God can allow such misery in the world.  Worth a listen! “But if there’s no God…”                                          The Light.  An often misunderstood song that some think is “anti-religion” when it’s actually “anti-hypocrite”.  The best line from this song is “I believe in God alright.  It’s folk like you I just can’t stand.”  🙂

The last song I’ll post here is this gem called “The More I Believe“.  This song leads me to believe that the Proclaimers are, in fact, real men of faith.  It’s a rocking song as well that’ll make you want to get up and dance!

Well, those are just some of the songs I’ve enjoyed this week on youtube.  I hope I can get some tickets tomorrow from the Intercon before they’re all gone.  Maybe I’ll see you at the concert! 🙂


2 responses to “The Proclaimers in Muscat, Oman!!!

  1. Andy – you could also enter my competition for two free tickets 😉

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