MSN Arabia Promotes Casual Sex

I’m not sure why this is, but whenever I open Internet Explorer on my wife’s Toshiba Satellite, which I bought her last Christmas, the browser immediately gives me the latest news on MSN Arabia.  A lot of times it’s the common “buy this” or “buy that” advertising thrown in with news headlines around the world.

Today I was rather shocked by one of the articles on MSN Arabia titled, “Casual Sex Between Casual Friends” with a provocative pic of two young people poking out from under bedsheets as if they had just committed fornication. (This article is also listed on the side of the MSN website under “Don’t Miss” and “Most Commented“)  This is the kind of garbage I would expect from Canadian websites like “sympatico” when I’d sign out of hotmail.  I thought the Middle East was proud of their more conservatism and family values.

Here are some of the words from the article which clearly promote such a nasty lifestyle:

  • ‘Friends with Benefits’ (FWBs) is probably the thing you’re looking for”
  • “Because there is no commitment or responsibility, one is free from feelings of hurt, pain, etc. and this can be a very honest and practical way of going about in relationships.'”
  • ” ‘Friends with Benefits’ is not a bad way to go about relationships.”
  • If, god willing, you fall in love at some point“…Imagine promoting such a sinful lifestyle and then putting “God” into the conversation. Blasphemous!
  • Remember, it’s about having an unspoken agreement between you and your friend to have occasional sex, leaving out the emotional baggage.”
  • Make sure the intimacy of this relationship is just between the two of you, without making it a public deal.”
  • Just enjoy the moments without fretting much.”

Shame on you MSN Arabia for promoting such a nasty, satanic “if-it-feels-good-just-do-it” lifestyle!  There are many people who are easily led astray by such “advice columns” and you may well have given young, impressionable people a green light to continue in the paths of unrighteousness.

Anyone else find this nasty or strange that MSN Arabia would promote “Friends with Benefits”?

4 responses to “MSN Arabia Promotes Casual Sex

  1. what -the-heck? Is this for real? I had a raised eyebrow look the entire time I was reading through their points and at one time even laughed at the absurdity! I was about to make the same comment out loud when they mentioned God in one of their “promotional quotes” when I saw that you made the same comment immediately after.
    I totally respect differences in opinions and lifestyles, and know a bunch of people who might agree and practice this type of social casualty. But they kinda sorta maybe stepped over the line here a tad bit by having it on their site. Not only is it inappropriate, but as a person with knowledge/education in human behaviour, a lot of the things they mentioned are invalid and not at all correct.
    C’est la vie…

  2. Jado,
    Shocking, isn’t it?! Nice to know I’m not the only one who thought it was a tad bit over the line. Thanks for commenting!

  3. This page was in one of my browser tabs since Eid & while I was just checking it, the page looks down. I think they’ve removed it!

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