The Harlem Globetrotters Coming to Muscat, Oman – October 28th!

I remember seeing a Harlem Globetrotters show when I was a little kid and I loved it!  Great family fun, fine entertainment and awesome basketball skills! That’s so cool that they’re coming to Muscat, Oman!

Article from the Oman Observer.  Anyone else out there ever see one of their live audience engaging shows live?  Planning on going?  If you have kids, you really don’t want to miss this opportunity.  I hope I am able to see this event as it should be a lot of fun.  More info here at the Muscat Entertainment facebook page.

8 responses to “The Harlem Globetrotters Coming to Muscat, Oman – October 28th!

  1. Shyline D'mello Frank

    Hi Andy,
    It is going to be an amazing show! Hope we can convince the rest of Muscat about that soon. Appreciate the upload of the press articles, bios and videos!
    Muscat Entertainment team

    • Shyline,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your facebook page had some great info and it’s a pleasure to share it with the readers. I hope it’s a smashing success!

  2. Meeting at Pizza Hut on 9 October and game on the 28th? Are they staying in Muscat for 3 weeks? I may be away for Eid and miss it 😦

    • Alessandra,
      You noticed that too, huh?! Maybe they came down for a short spell from the UAE as I understand they’re doing a few shows up there before coming to Muscat. We’re also thinking that we might not be able to make this show, unfortunately.

  3. Harlem Globetrotters and their opponents the Washington (I forgot their full name) played in Boushar Stadium in 1990 and that was athe best demo of Basketball skills and demos I have ever seen. They charged 5 rials then. The came in the previous day and flew out the next day night. They will never come exclusively for Oman as Oman never has the money to sponsor such massive events. This is the only arab country that always depends on sponsorships for everything.
    I could not take any pics of that event as the police refused photographa and mobile phones and digital cameras were unknown in Oman during that time.
    Please post pics of their second arrival in oman

    • You’re very fortunate to have seen the Harlem Globetrotters. Like you said, their skills are phenomenal! I wish I could post pics of their 2nd arrival but it looks like we most likely will not be attending. Sorry.

  4. I saw them in Guatemala when I was fourteen… now Im 33 and I will take my kids and wife to see them here in Muscat. Really looking forward to attend!!!

    • Sergio,
      I saw them when I was a young teenager as well! (in Canada) My son is not quite the right age to truly enjoy their skills but it would be so cool to take your kids to seem them. I hope you and your family enjoy the show and have a fabulous Eid holiday as well! 🙂

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