Holidays! 9 Days – Oman Style!











It’s been announced that government workers get the whole week off for Eid al Adha. That means with the 2 weekends, we’re looking at a 9 day holiday!

Instead of doing a little dance, I’m listening to this video and changing the lyrics to “Holidays – OMAN STYLE!”  Yippee!!Ehhh, Omani ladies! Eid Al Adha Oman Style!”

6 responses to “Holidays! 9 Days – Oman Style!

  1. Haha!! I felt like doing the Gangnam Style in my office when I heard the news! I’ve been practicing for weeks 🙂

    • Nadia,
      Dance away! Speaking of Gangnam Style, I’m surprised there is no “Omani Gangnam Style” video on youtube yet Maybe you can organize a colossal Gangnam Style flashmob down in Salalah! 😉

  2. of course that is the link to the Eid al Fitr holidays in August…..

  3. Haha, awesome. Super funny with me coming over here to Oman from Korea.

    • Glad you enjoyed that Nicole! 🙂 I think those of us who taught in Korea would enjoy it more than the regular viewer. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Nizwa. All the best!

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