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Rumours of Petrol Shortage in Oman

Rumours of petrol shortage are getting about as common as the “tsunami warnings” that pop up every year since Gonu.  The latest is that Muscat has a shortage of gasoline but it is only super unleaded that is in short supply.  I know because I just came from the pump (Mawaleh South Shell) after hearing something about this shortage on twitter.  Because our car was close to empty after a long trip from Duqm, I thought I better make sure we’ve got plenty of petrol before the rumours kick into effect and the petrol stations actually do dry out due to panic.  The gentleman at the pump informed me that there is no “super” available as “they are doing repairs at the refinery” but there is in fact plenty of regular unleaded.  Super should be “back on the menu” as early as tonight.  Wednesday saw a mad rush to the pumps as people prepared for long journeys on their 9 day Eid holiday (or 6-day holiday for those in the private sector).  It was reported here.

(I should have picked one of these up when they were on sale!)

It seems absurd that a country sitting on so many millions of barrels of oil would have a SHORTAGE!  But it does happen as demand mostly based on rumours kicks in! (and occasional shortages due to lack of foresight…)  It really affected people heading down to Salalah on their last holiday and many were stranded while others chose to buy it at astronomical rates (probably close to what they pay for it overseas). Read about it here as reported by the Oman Tribune.

Here is a report from the Oman Tribune today, Oct. 27th:

The gas pump near Shannah Harbour (at the Masirah Island turn-off on the Sinaw-Duqm road) was in fact out of stock (That’s what the sign said!) today at about 3:30pm.

Have any of you been affected by petrol shortage in Oman? Do you carry any extra petrol cans full in the back of the car?  Doesn’t that present its own dangers?

Update: A more recent report from the Times of Oman – Oct 29th