Oman Rock Stars – Duqm Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is a 3 square kilometre area of limestone and sandstone rocks  which formed in an underground freshwater aquifer over 46 million years ago.  With time it has been shaped by wind, water, frost and other natural forces.  According to the Minerals Section of the Department of Commerce and Industry.”

The Rock Garden is one of the top 25 sites of geological scientific importance
in the entire Sultanate of Oman.”

These rock formations are of exceptional scenic beauty and provide visitors with an impressive insight of the geological and geomorphological wonders of our planet.”

If you’re ever in Duqm with about an hour to spare, you can find the Duqm Rock Garden at the Strabag gate entrance between 100 and 200 metres from the ODC (Oman DryDock) gate (which is also the Veronica Floating Hotel entrance) as you head towards Duqm city centre (…or where there should be a city centre but will find only a few buildings). The rock garden is on the right hand of the Strabag dirtroad.  I wouldn’t recommend driving this site without a 4X4.

Click here to read an article in the Week about the Rock Garden in Duqm

“Elephant Rock”

“Turtle Head Rock”

“Licking Dog Rock”

“Snail Rock”

“Smiley face Rock”

Obviously not the top ranking “must see site of Oman”; the tourists aren’t exactly lining up to see the Duqm Rock Garden.  I still thought it was interesting to walk around exploring.  The heat starts playing tricks on you and you start seeing faces and shapes in just about every rock, haha! 🙂  How about you?  Would you walk around in the hot sun for an hour or even longer to see a bunch of rocks?! Or are you more like my wife who would rather sit back and enjoy the comfort of the hotel room?

If this is a subject of great interest to you, I’m guessing you must be a geologist!  This link to Peter Farrrington’s presentation at the 4th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations in Muscat in October 2010 would be very interesting to you I’m sure.

10 responses to “Oman Rock Stars – Duqm Rock Garden

  1. I thought you meant a rock music band formed in the middle of Oman far from the capital. Imagine a rock band with ‘garden’ for a name. 😛

  2. LOL @ the smile face rock!! Good eye Andy.
    To answer your question…I don’t imagine myself to be a rock person but I have never really done anything similar before so I cant really say. I think I would at least try to explore areas like this once to see if I like it. Its an experience, something I can add to the list of things I have done. So yeah, I guess why not?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked the smiley face rock, haha! The sun was seriously beginning to play tricks on my mind as I wandered around in the heat!

  3. Its a great project for the public, its even more useful for GeoScience students and doctors!

  4. Andy,
    i started my life in Oman from Duqm!! was there for an year and yeah the Veronica was just under renovation when i left. always thought of going back and checking it out, but thanks for your review :).
    our weekends used to be fishing, trip to Ras Markaz and just exploring the unexplored. having lived there, have seen some of the beautiful wadis there. every time my trip from Muscat to Duqm, we took a different route and the view was just amazing!!
    yes the Raz Madrak coast line is almost 10KM!! 1st time to this beach, our vehicle broke down and for our luck there was just one other Omani Family who were kind enough to give us the lift till the town (dont remember the name). had get our vehicle towed using a truck…
    but all was worth it!! one of the beautiful coastline in Oman. got some great shots!!

    Andy, your blog is the most informative site about Oman and we all are really thankful for your effort. keep going!!!

    • Thanks a lot, Suzi!
      Must have been so interesting living in Duqm “back in the day”. It must have been nice to travel to Ras Markaz so often! I would agree that it’s one of the most beautiful coastlines (that I’ve seen) in Oman. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated! 🙂

  5. i would like to thank you alot, i was looking for any information about rocks garden and i couldn’t find anywhere.
    i’m architectural engineering student at SQU and my graduation project is to design ‘Duqm Rocks Museum’
    i hope the government do something for this valuable rocks garden

    • Humaid,
      Glad I could help you out. I am sure that the government will do more for this rock garden as Duqm is built up over the years. As an architectural engineering student, it would be nice if you could get down to Duqm and see the Rock Garden for yourself. All the best with your studies!

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