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In Oman, “Parental Neglect a Cause for Concern”







From the Times of Oman, November 14th, 2012: “Parental Neglect a Cause for Concern“, written by Saleh Al Shaibany

“The Facebook Blues”

A cheap plug for Joe McLerran’s latest CD release “FaceBook Blues” on Root Blues Reborn Records. (Available on CD Baby)

Little Joe McLerran was here in Muscat, Oman (and several other countries in the Middle East) 2 and a half years ago.  They really put on quite a show on the lawn of the Crowne Plaza Muscat.  (I posted about it here.  Check it out to hear some of their fantastic music!)  I like what Mr. McLerran said about his tour to the Middle East in his interview with Blues Blast Magazine (Nov. 1st, 2012 edition- found here) when he said, I’ve just noticed with those kinds of tours that people are people, just about everywhere you go, the Middle East included.  The culture, especially in the Middle East, is way different, but there’s something about the blues – even if they don’t speak English – where they can get the idea of what the song is all about.”  They can tell whether the song is a happy blues tune, or whether it’s a mournful thing, just by the melody of the song itself. So the blues can relate to all sorts of people. The blues are most certainly American music, but it’s became the world’s music over the years.”  He also said, “I was kind of blown out that in the Middle East, it was very rare to come across someone who didn’t speak English.

Little Joe McLerran is on facebook here and this is his official website.  If you love the blues, you really ought to check him out! A big thanks to Robbie Mack for keeping me updated with the latest!