“The Magical Country Of Oman: A Jewel On The Arabian Peninsula” (Forbes)

The pic is from Forbes.com article, “The Magical Country of Oman: A Jewel on the Arabian Peninsula“,  written yesterday by Lisa Loverro.  Check it out!  Lisa Loverro is a Forbes.com blogger who covers luxury travel and she has done a pretty good job covering Oman!


5 responses to ““The Magical Country Of Oman: A Jewel On The Arabian Peninsula” (Forbes)

  1. I don’t think the general consensus is that Oman is the home to the Queen of Sheba. Not really “South” of Dubai, but rather southeast…. Sorry, a number of inaccuracies. But it’s great she has nice things to say!

  2. In fact there is a dispute between Yemen and Ethiopia for the “ownership” of the Queen of Sheba, but it is the first time I heard that she was from Oman.
    By the way… could anyone tell me which city is that of the pic we see above?.


  3. Gemma has written the two main arguments that I’ve heard: that the Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopia (Ethiopians hold this to be a fact!) or Yemen. I only recently heard about the “Queen of Sheba being from Oman” argument on my recent trip to Salalah. Some (for the sake of tourism?!) insist that she was from Salalah and there are many references to “Sheeba” and the “Queen of Sheeba” down there. For example, my wife and I dined at “Sheeba’s Steakhouse” at the Hilton Salalah Resort.

    Gemma, the city in the pic above is Sur. Gorgeous city!

  4. Thanks for answering Andy!!.
    I visited Sur when I went to Oman in 2011 but I was having problems in recognizing the place in this pic, perhaps because of the perspective, as I can’t find the long beach or the lighthouse in the old village.
    Talking about how friendly the Omanis are, I have to say that when we visited Sur we went to the tourist information office and we left the place with a bag full of maps and other touristic information the kindly gave to us. I think they love to be helpful.

    • My pleasure, Gemma!
      I was also very impressed with the hospitality of the folks in Sur; something I wrote specifically about in another post! 🙂 I love the story about your trip to the tourist info office there. I can just imagine it! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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