Bye Bye, “Baby”! Hello, Gangnam Style!

Order has been restored to the universe momentarily! 😉  Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is no longer the most viewed youtube video of all time!  Maybe you’ve seen this pic around the internet that I had to agree with wholeheartedly!

So, Gangnam Style is now the most viewed as of this Saturday, Nov. 24th.  To celebrate, here are some dogs with a cute parody for your entertainment:My son, Gershom (2 years 9 months), loves Gangnam Style and gets a tad bit excited when I play it on the laptop.  Here he is doing “Gershom Gangnam Style” until tiring himself out: 

2 responses to “Bye Bye, “Baby”! Hello, Gangnam Style!

  1. very, very cute!!

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