Our Salalah Tour (Part 1 of 5): Mughsayl Beach / Marnif Cave

While staying at the Hilton Salalah Resort, the Sales Manager, Ali Malik, organized a personal tour for us (from Al Fawaz Tours) to take us wherever we wanted to go for the day! WOW!  His motivation?  He’s familiar with my blog and so he graciously offered a tour of Salalah as he thought that my readers would love to see what Salalah has to offer! That is Salalah hospitality for you!  Thanks again, Mr. Malik! What a treat!  🙂

This was our tour-guide for the day, Mahad Issa; a Salalah local with 14 years of tourguide experience with a passion for tourism and all things Salalah. (99485040 if you’re ever in Salalah and need an experienced tourguide)  He picked us up after breakfast for a full-day tour that shall not be forgotten anytime soon!

Here is a quick video to show you a bit of the beauty west of Salalah as we drove to Mughsail: Here is the New Zealand website Stuff’s article Mahad was referring to in the video that lists Mughsayl Beach as the 10th top beach in the world!  As they mention in that article, Mughsayl is “certainly worth the visit“!

Maghsail Bay Beach

Check out the dolphin in the water! And so close to shore!

Now 2 dolphins!

Salalah is a real birdwatcher’s paradise.

Marnif Cave and the famous blowholes in the distance

Unfortunately, the blowholes were not “working” when we visited this time.  Summer, during the monsoon rains (known as “Khareef“) is the best time to experience the famous Mughsayl blowholes.  Here is a video of one of them at full strength from my trip to Salalah in the summer of 2010:

It’s a gorgeous time of year to visit Salalah.  Some people only think of visiting during the “green season” which is in the summer.  There are benefits of going November to March such as:

  • Less crowds!
  • Better conditions for swimming
  • Scuba diving season in Salalah!
  • Lower prices at many hotels/resorts

Stay tuned for parts 2 to 5 of our incredible tour of Salalah!  (FYI, Al Fawaz offers tours in English, French, German and of course Arabic as well.)


8 responses to “Our Salalah Tour (Part 1 of 5): Mughsayl Beach / Marnif Cave

  1. Great photos Andy!

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  3. Thanks! It’s appreciated! 🙂 Even I can manage to take a somewhat decent photo in such a gorgeous setting!

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  7. Dear Andy,
    Sunny Greetings from Salalah!!
    Thank you very much for mentioning us in your blog. Hope you will visit salalah back again soon!!

    -Team Al Fawaz –

    • Team Al Fawaz,
      Thanks for the taking the time to comment here! And thanks again for an INCREDIBLE tour of gorgeous Salalah! Your tourguide, Mahad, is such a charming and educated tourguide and really made our day extra special. We won’t forget our tour of Salalah anytime soon! 🙂 We wish you and your team and respective families all the very best!

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