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Tim Horton’s Cafe & Bake Shop, Muscat City Centre Seeb

Tim Horton’s has been open for about a week now in Muscat City Centre (MCC) in Seeb.  They had already opened a Timmie’s before that in Muscat Grand Mall (MGM).  This is no big news to those of you who follow Muscat Mutterings  (as I do).  It was great to visit Tim Horton’s  for the 1st time in Oman and so I thought I’d share my experience and a few pics with you.

The menu looks great and there are a surprising number of choices.

Speaking with the Area Manager and the Training Manager, I was told they they planned to open up 5 Tim Horton’s in the very near future.  2 are open for business now, so 3 more should be coming soon…

Dunkin’ Donuts, eat your heart out!  Tim Horton’s is doing VERY well in this part of the world.  The Area Manager, Rahul Sharma, told me that there are currently 20 Tim Horton coffee shops thoughout the UAE with 16 more scheduled to open up in the new 11 months.

For those of you who like early morning Timmies, there is good news!  Although both malls which have Tim Horton’s in Oman (MCC & MGM) don’t really start business till 10am, you can get your Tim Horton’s as early as 8am!  There are also hoping/planning that regular customers will be able to pick up earlier morning coffee from their shops as early as 6am by special request.

As I walked up to the counter and the Indian gentleman behind the counter asked me what I’d like, I said, “A medium double-double, please.”  I was sure he wouldn’t have a clue what I meant like it was some foreign language, haha.  (Double-Double is a Canadian Tim Horton fanatic’s simple way of asking for double cream and double sugar in their coffee.)  Then without batting an eye, he replied, “Anything else, sir?”  I was sure there had to be some misunderstanding or mix-up.  Was it possible that he knew what I wanted? (It would not surprise me as I’ve been in quite a few coffee shops in Muscat and had the baristas look at me like I had 3 heads when I simply asked for “brewed coffee”. They had no idea what “brewed” meant…in a coffee shop!)   “Did you understand what I meant?”  He smiled and said, “Of course, sir. This is Tim Horton’s.”  🙂

Every proud parent has those important milestones to record: their child’s first steps, their child’s first words…here my daugher (with mommy’s help) approaches her first Tim Horton’s counter. She makes her father proud! 😉

Our first order from Tim Horton’s – a medium “double double” for Daddy (981 baisa) and a small hot chocolate (1.3 OR) for Mommy. Eat your heart out, Fivebucks…I mean, Starbucks.

Seating at Tim Horton’s in MCC is quite comfortable.  By the way, for all you Canadians out there, that’s what “Tim Horton’s” looks like in Arabic in case you were wondering!

AHH, life in Oman seems to be better better with each passing day!