Our Salalah Tour (Part 4 of 5): Scenic Road to Fizayah Beach

After Mughsail Beach (part 1 of tour) and our twisting drive down the hairpin bend road towards Fazayah Beach (part 2) (which took us past a gorgeous “secret beach”-part 3), we finally reached the 6-km gravel road to Fazayeh.

It’s always cool to see camels on the coast! 🙂

4X4 is not mandatory for this road, but it’s recommended!  Our tourguide mentioned that the road was constructed only about 2 years back.

This spot is where the road shifts from heading towards the cliff to heading towards the beach(es) of Fazayeh below.  Forgive what seems like repetitive shots. Each one has its own beauty and so I wanted to share each of them for (what I think are) their different focal points.

I’m usually the guy behind the camera, but every now and then the family insists on a shot of me.  This is one of my favorite daddy/Naomi pics from our vacation! 🙂

I think you can get a pretty decent idea of how awesome the Fazayah beaches are from some of these photos.  The tourist maps/sites always mention “Fazayah” Beach but there are at least 5 distinct beaches that I will share with you in the next and final post from our incredible tour with Al Fawaz Tours.  You won’t believe some of the images!


7 responses to “Our Salalah Tour (Part 4 of 5): Scenic Road to Fizayah Beach

  1. Well Andy, that’s a great sequence of photos and video enroute to Fazayah Beach. I’ve never been to that beach, but it was still a great view of typical Omani scenery. I found myself wondering if you were driving the car at the same time you were shooting the video! I’ve done a lot of driving just like that in the interior, and of course up around Muscat in the Jebel Akhdar area – the road up Jebal Akhdar comes to mind. It was gravel when we arrived in Oman, when we left it was a beautiful, easy asphalt road. Some of the old timers were of two minds about “paving the wilderness”, but we always felt that if you were an Omani family and you kid was ill, you want a good road to get to the hospital or for emergency vehicles. Like lots of things, it’s a judgement call. I always felt that there were plenty of roads left that aren’t paved. cheers Steve

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Steve. Nice to know you enjoyed the pics and vid. Wait till I get a chance to post the actual beach pics/vids! BTW, I was not driving the car. I was recording video from the front passenger’s seat while our tourguide/driver took us to Fazayeh. I have recorded while driving before though and even have a few vids on youtube of me driving through fog in Salalah! 🙂 I like the way you describe the need for quick travel in the case of emergencies. I totally agree and feel that since the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, there is no need “to be of 2 minds”. 🙂 And yes, there are PLENTY of unpaved roads still around. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s always appreciated.

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  4. Hi Andy, thanks for your pics and vid. last week we visited this place but could not able take pic as we were so exited to visit the secret beach. we were searching road to reach secret beach but fortunately we found a wonderful beach. anyway you have remind our journey to Fizayah with beautifull pics and vid.

  5. Will you allow me to take some images from your site?

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