“The Dolls of Japan” Visit the Sultanate of Oman


What on earth do dolls from Japan have to do with Oman? Great question.  Well, there is a special exhibition at Qurum City Centre “to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Oman“.description of exhibition

Dragon Boy

Kintaro is a boy of Herculean strength who appears in a Japanese folktale.  It is believed that the Kintaro doll represents boys’ health.more dolls

lionlike doll

reading a book

Wooden dolls dressed in kimonos are a style of doll-making known as Kimekomi.colorful doll


sumo wrestler


Kurodabushi: Samurai of Kuroda” – “This doll is based on a legend of a man who gulped down sake in a large cup and obtained a spear as a prize.”a doll

She’s quite “a doll”, isn’t she? 😉lions mask

Warabe Jishi: Young Lion” – “The boy plays with the mask of a lion’s head”.tag

“Kotoro: Playing Taga general in armor

The gallant young samurai in brilliant armor is about to go into battle as a general of the army.” (by Ippo Ohashi, an active artist in Kyoto)sleeping baby

This adorable sleeping baby is Monotaro, the Peach Boy, a popular Japanese fairy-tale hero.”floating doll

Nagashi Bina: Floating Doll” – “The girl is going to the river with her paper doll in a straw basket.  It is still a custom throughout Japan to float dolls on the river while praying for happiness.

Well, those are just some of the interesting dolls at the exhibition at Qurum City Centre.  I certainly didn’t expect to experience Japanese culture when I went shopping here in Oman. After filling in a short feedback form about the exhibition, we were given a booklet about the exhibition entitled, “The Dolls of Japan: Shades of Prayer, Embodiments of Love” published by Japan Foundation.  I never know what I’m going to see next out and about in Oman. That’s why I try never to leave home without a camera! 🙂

2 responses to ““The Dolls of Japan” Visit the Sultanate of Oman

  1. nice, i’m actually going to oman next month i was wondering if this is yet to come ?, seems like a very amusing event, i love the Japanese dresses 🙂

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