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Fazayah Beach(es): Our Salalah Tour (Part 5 of 5)

In this last post from our incredible tour from Al Fawaz Tours in Salalah Oman, we wanted to finish with these gorgeous views and beautiful beaches.  Enjoy the following pics and videos.  This is definitely a place I’d recommend exploring if you ever get the chance to visit Salalah!Fazayih Beach 1

Fazayeh Beach is actually a 7 km stretch of coast that has at least 6 different beaches.  This point, at the far end of the 7pm ride, is the well known “lookout spot” which really sells the place.Fazayah Beach 2

If you look closely, you’ll see a small beach (“Beach 1”) just below the cliff on the righthand side.  While we were enjoying this view, there were a few tourists swimming there.  This beach, great for privacy, can be reached by a steep climb down on the right.Fazayah Beach 3

Fazayah Beach 4

These first 4 pics were taken with the 16 mega pixel Canon Powershot A810 on Super Vivid mode.  Here is a short video taken with the same camera: Here are 2 more pics of the same viewpoint with my new EOS 550D (18 mega pixels):Fazayah 5

Fazayah 6

And now a video with the EOS 550D in HD: A short drive later, this was the scene looking back towards Mughsayl Beach:Fazayah 7

The next 2 photos are from a beach (I’ll call “Beach #2”) that our tourguide affectionately referred to as “Swede Beach” because of “all the Swedish tourists who seem to prefer this beach over all others”.Fazayah 8

Fazayah 9

A video of this popular swimming spot: elephant rock

“Elephant Rock”!  🙂fazayah 11

I’ll call this beautiful spot “Fisherman’s Cove” (Beach #3). Obviously not the best place to swim as you might disturb the fisherman but definitely worth a short visit if you’re already at Fazayah.  You can also buy some freshly caught fish here if you can communicate the need to the mostly Pakistani fishermen (preferably in Arabic).fazayah 13

fazayah 13fazayah 14fazayah 15

fazayah 16Fazayah 17These Pakistani fishermen may not look so friendly at first glance, but they were very kind to us.  They gave our tourguide, Marhad, 2 big fish and 1 squid that we had fried at the restaurant near Maghsayl Beach on our way back to the Hilton.fazayah 18

This is the beach (Beach #4) where we spent a good deal of time swimming.  We had it all to ourselves!fazayah 19

fazayah 20

Here’s a video of our swimming spot for the day: fazayah 21

On our ride back along the 7 kms coastline at Fazayah, we arrive at Beach #5 where some Europeans were enjoying a swim.fazayah 22

fazayah 23This is the last beach (Beach #6)  which is right at the foot of the gravel road which leads down to Fazayah Beach from the hairpin bend road.  It looks like another great spot for swimming.  Because it’s the first beach once getting off the road, it’s no doubt the first one to be used be travelers.  As you see, the travelers pictured here seem to have made themselves quite comfortable and were even doing some fishing.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Fazayah Beach and the other 4 posts from our tour.  It was one of the highlights of our trip to Salalah.  A big thanks to Mr. Ali from the Hilton Salalah once again for setting up this incredible tour for us.

Have any of you been to Fazayah Beach?  If so, in which beach area did you end up camping/swimming/picnicing? How was it?