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Scuba-diving in Salalah, Oman: “Oasis Divesite”

If you ever make it down to Salalah in the southern region of Dhofar in Oman, you may want to consider diving (if you’re qualified) or snorkeling while you’re there to experience the beauty of Salalah marinelife.  While we were at the Hilton Salalah Resort on our latest trip, I managed to cram in a quick dive with the SubAqua Dive Center before the long drive back to Muscat.  I’m glad I did!water sports centre

The Sub-Aqua Dive Center is near the Hilton waterfront; to the right of the pool as you face the beach.  Here, divemaster Nick Turner and another employee, Nina, attend to a customer.equipment room

Nick and Abdullah in the equipment room as we gear up for our dive.oasis divesite

This was the location of my first ever dive in Salalah.  It’s near the Oasis Club (restaurant) on the hill near this beach.  Therefore, divers refer to this divesite as “Oasis“.  Not only was this my first dive in Salalah – it was my first shore dive! It was a bit of a feat to put on my fins halfway in the water as the waves were crashing in!oasis club location

So our divesite was in the bay right next to the “Oasis Club” in the bottom right corner of this map.getting ready for dive

Our motley crue preparing for the dive! 🙂  It was good fun diving with these guys.preparing to go under

Abdullah, a new employee with SubAqua Dive Center, getting ready to go under.  Adbullah was just qualified as an Open Water Diver.limited viz

Viz was limited, but it was still a good dive.  Wish I had time for a 2nd one!nina underwater

Nick with sunlight coming down

This was the first time using my new 14 mega pixel Intova with housing.  Here is a video of 14 different short clips taken my yours truly during this dive.  Keep in mind that this was my first underwater video in low viz!Obviously I have a LOT to learn about taking UW videos! Here is a video recorded at the same divesite by divemaster, Nick Turner, who is now leading the Suq Aqua Dive Center: 

Now that’s the kind of video I’d like to be able to shoot someday!Benji back at beach

Back at the beach! Benji, pictured here, was another diver who just finished his Open Water Diver Course.coming out of the water

That was fun! Let’s do it again!

If you’re a diver and want to do some diving while in Oman, give Salalah a try.  Diving season there is November to May so they’re open for business!