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Red Bull FMX Riders at Motorshow 2012 Oman!

Just 3 days of the Motorshow left.  That means only 9 more FMX shows remaining.  You don’t want to miss this excitement, folks.  Here’s a video from some of the short clips I took during the 1st show last night (Tues, Dec. 11th):  Here is an incredible video from a go-pro cam that was mounted on  Nick De Wit’s helmet during the show!Thanks to Stacey, Basil and Mustapha from the Red Bull team for the royal treatment at the FMX site! 🙂

Motorshow 2012 Oman (Dec 11th-14th)

Dalal and Dally

oman air on porsche

checking out cars

plenty of cars on display

second cup gents

another car

yellow charger

Super Bee logo

another cool charger

classic car area

a real beauty

old beauties

1963 Ford Mustang

1949 dodge

whoops this is the dodge 49

some old classics

the poular classic cars section

oman riders bikes

79 mini cooper

driving computer games

motorshow 2012 oman info

adventure zone schedule

vroom vroom