Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

What if Oman’s Shores Could Speak? Laser World Championship 2013

Nice vid put out by Oman Sail (released Dec. 16th) to promote the Laser World Championship 2013 which will be held here in Oman!

FMX (Freestyle Motorcross) Stunts at Redbull Event

In case you missed it, here are a few clips from the last 2 FMX shows put on by Redbull at Motorshow 2012 Oman from Friday, December 14th.  Chris Fisher from Merge 104.8 enters “the death zone” and has these bikers doing somersaults over his head at one point!  You have to check out Geoffrey’s amazing photography from the same event (and drifting as well).  Click here to see some incredible shots.  Here are a few of my pics:almost flying

sailing through the air

hold on tight

wave to crowd

dangerous stunt

dancing on air

upside down

coming out of a 360

sideway action

between shows

“Dude, you do realize we’re both lucky to be alive, right?!”

Here’s another incredible video graciously provided to me by one of the official Redbull photographers, Mustafa Hamidi, for your entertainment:

“O’ Holy Night” by A Hymn a Week

A beautiful classic by Gary Chapman from “A Hymn a Week” which you can follow on facebook or youtube.

As a bonus, here’s a popular Christmas flash mob: