Omanis are CRAZY about Drifting!

getting ready to roll

While I was at Oman Motorshow 2012, I decided to check out the Drifting that was going on next to the FMX shows in the Adventure Zone.ROP on hand

The ROP were out in full force.anything for a good view

People were standing on cars and anything they could find/reach for a good view.comfortable seating

Geoffrey in the pit

My friend, Geoffrey, who manages the awesome blog “The Rogue and Peasant Slave” managed to get “in the pit” for some decent pics.flag at the ready

pic of crowds

car crew

helmet and car

always time for a smile

action shot

Panorama 1

banner for all to see

This pic is actually 2 pics combined using Panorama Maker 4 from ArcSoft.burning rubber

wazzup dawgs

Red Bull will be holding another Drifting Competition in February of 2013.  Here is a video from Redbull from the 2012 Car Park Drift Oman Competition:

Here is a video I put together by combining about 10 short clips from Drifting at Oman Motorshow 2012:

2 responses to “Omanis are CRAZY about Drifting!

  1. Great piece!!! Very interesting….

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