Bike Stolen – Your Help Appreciated

The following bike was stolen in the weehours of the morning from the back of someone’s truck in the MQ area.  We would appreciate keeping your eye out for it:stolen

8 responses to “Bike Stolen – Your Help Appreciated

  1. probably dismantled and sold for scraps by now

    • Aren’t you the shining beacon of optimism, o ye of little faith?! It so happens that someone reported a kid seen riding this bike on the same day at Bouscher Sands so don’t assume that every robbery is carried out by “quick professionals”. More times than not, it’s some empty-headed moron who wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it after it’s stolen. Hence their tendency to steal what others have worked so hard to obtain.

  2. Thanks, Ali!
    Nice that the paper has made it clear that A REWARD IS BEING OFFERED! Really hoping this bike turns up. The owner is a top-notch guy and it couldn’t happen to “a worse person” if you get what I mean.

    • Ali,
      Thanks for the link to the newspaper article. I meant to put an update on the bike being recovered but you beat me to it! 🙂 So glad that the bike was recovered! I hope the cops bring justice and an end to at least one “gang” of thieves.

  3. Andy I forgot to reply to this article! Thanks to you again and to local bloggers of Oman for your help! You all are a Godsend! Nowadays, there are lots of stolen mx, quad bikes even jetski’s! I don’t know what’s happening with Muscat nowadays but I urge everyone to be careful.

    • Jes, no problem! We’re just glad that the bike was tracked down! I hope the police take this seriously and throw the book at the criminals who seem to have a network of stealing bikes and selling them to Boscher Sands operators! Thanks for replying. All the best! 🙂

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