Entertainer Oman 2013

The Entertainer Oman 2013 2-for-1 coupon book is now available for purchase!Entertainer Oman 2013

participating dealers

Borders Express

We picked up our copy at Borders Express in Qurum City Centre. They have sample books available there if you want to leaf through the pages to see if it’s personally worth the 29.5 rials.  I also noticed them for sale in Carrefour Qurm City Centre as well in the front next to the DVDs on sale.  4 changes I noticed from last years edition:

  1.  Tim Hortons is in this one :-)!
  2. The diving coupons are now only 1 free dive after paying for 1 dive (was 2 free dives last year).
  3. They’ve definitely added to the hotel vouchers in the back of the book. 171 total “complimentary night when a night of equal or greater value is purchased” coupons. (Including 18 for Abu Dhabi, 41 for Dubai & Northern Emirates, 2 for Bahrain, 9 for Jordan, 11 for Oman (including Crowne Plaze Duqm scheduled to open this year!), 6 for Qatar, 2 for Saudi Arabia, 1 for Morocco, 3 for South Africa, 1 for Kenya, 13 for Kenya, 1 for London, UK, 1 for Spain, 23 for Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam, 18 for India, 11 for Maldives, 9 for Mauritius and 1 for Seychelles.)
  4. A membership card once again comes with the book (they only offered this online last year) and once you activate your card online, you become a Member and get more monthly deals and can avail yourself of 20% off Best Available Rates at over 170 hotel partners worldwide.

Anyone else pick up Entertainer Oman 2013? If so, what do you think of the changes?


20 responses to “Entertainer Oman 2013

  1. this is what ive been waiting for thanks Andy for the info! merry xmas! 🙂

    • Anonymous,
      My pleasure, “blossomzoom”! 🙂 It was your asking about it earlier that made me think about stopping in there in the first place, so well done! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. i will be, when i see it! Very useful.

  3. Muscat Jet Driver

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Andy! 🙂


  4. Have received mine last week after purchased online 🙂 woohhoooo and love the line-up! cant wait to use them!

    • Divia,
      You are clever as those who purchased it online were able to get 15% off, right?! If so, good for you. We are also looking forward to using our coupons! 🙂 (Even though we still have plenty of unused coupons from this year…)

  5. Yup I got 15% off… cool deal. and same here, i still have unused too since I purchased it late on April, that was the time I read your blog about it.. So we all owe it to you!

  6. Ahmed AL Balushi

    HI Andy, Im visiting your site for long time and this is my first comment here.
    this book is great and very good way for saving I will absolutely buy this book once I back to Muscat.

    • Ahmed,
      It’s always nice to see 1st time commenters on the blog! 🙂 Let me know what you think of the book. The trick with this book is that the more you spend, the more you save. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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  8. We got our entertainer book – disappointed that shangri-la doesn’t feature much, last year we used all the spa vouchers plus stayed at al husn and used the morrocan restaurant voucher. Well i guess half the idea is to get you to use new places, so we have to change our habits! At least left bank, trader vics, noodle house are all there, but unfortunately no nandos this year, but chilis is a good new addition.

    • moochymo,
      We were a little disappointed that Shangri-La pulled all their deals out of the entertainer as well. Maybe they figured it was enough advertising to be included in the complimentary night after staying one night section at that back. Like you said, it’s nice to have new places to try! 🙂 Seems that we have similar tastes as we’re also glad to see Left Bank, Trader Vics, Noodle House and Chili’s coupons available. Kind regards!

  9. I got mine tooo and already started using them :)) i got one book and sharing it with family and friends i want to try use as much as possible i give away the ones i know i wont use 🙂

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  11. wondering if anyone else is interested in doing the chartered overnight yacht trip? my husband and i are well as our friends (another couple) are interested but it is for 8 people and we are looking for 4 more who want to do this…

    • Hi, Courtney. You bring up a good point. Some of the costs with such water activities definitely goes down with more people involved. For example, I have always wanted to do some “big game fishing” but the boat ride out for the day is super expensive. Definitely best to book such trips with a good group of people. I hope you guys manage to fill up the boat with 8!

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