Shatti Al Qurum Beach, Dec. 25th, 2012

qurum beach 1

Qurum Beach 2

Qurum Beach 3

big bus tours oman at shati

While having lunch at Japengo’s, we saw the recently launched Big Bus Tour of Oman buses for the first time.  As I’ve heard from others, they were almost always empty!  A lot of people feel that 20 rials is far too expensive and are hoping that the prices will drop once the company loses enough money from sending empty buses around the city.

big bus tour through japengos window

Anyone done The Big Bus Tour of Muscat yet?! If so, how was your experience?

14 responses to “Shatti Al Qurum Beach, Dec. 25th, 2012

  1. Agreed, at 20 rials I wouldn’t even consider going on it or recommending it to anyone!
    I weigh it up like this… New pair of jeans and a Subway or sit on a bus… 😉

    • Even though I think it’s rather expensive, I’ll probably still give it a try. This sounds like something the sister-in-law would love to try when she’s in town!

  2. I was charged 15 rials by a taxi driver to go from Port Qaboos to Crown Plaza, the ride took only 15 minutes, we got ripped off! My family and I got on the Big Bus from the Japengos stop and explored the whole city for the entire day for just 20 rials. The recorded commentary explains the history and landmarks right on queue, and the open top deck experience is so fresh and open to the world ! Im not sure why they go through the Ruwi area, the traffic is really bad, and there is no bus stop signs anywhere? However, the walking tour around the old town was such a great addition. My family and I already tried the Big Bus in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and this tour beats them all. There is more history, beauty and Muscat is truly breathtaking city from the top deck. Ok, so its 20 rials, but its well worth it for the day, we could hop on and off wherever we wanted..all day! Bargain!

    • Mark Arnold,
      When you explain it like that, it doesn’t sound so bad! It brings back memories of being ripped off by taxi drivers before I had a car as well! I was looking at the Big Bus Tours website and I do like the fact that they have a family discount and a much cheaper rate for a “48 hour time limit” rather than 24. Thanks for sharing comments about what sounds to be a very positive experience.

    • I quite agree. If you board the bus early and make a full day of it it’s not bad value. My wife loved it during a recent holiday visit.

  3. That was the very beach where I have been almost every day during my stay in Muscat from Dec. 08 to 23, 2012. No, did not make the bus tour so far, drove around with a car myself.

  4. Nice views of my old stomping grounds along Shatti Beach, Andy. Great place to spend Christmas! The tour busses are new! Keep those photos comin’. All the best, Steve Fryberger

    • Glad you enjoyed the views, Mr. Fryberger! It sure was a beautiful spot to spend a few moments on Christmas Eve! 🙂 Kind regards!

  5. It seems a bit expensive too expensive to me as well, with a family you can rent a very comfortable car, buy a guide book, explore everything yourself and still come out a lot cheaper.
    If you don’t want to drive or don’t want the hassle of arranging everything yourself it is a nice addition to the city though 🙂

    • Jarno,
      I don’t really think you can rent a car, buy a guide book and explore everything yourself for only 20 rials. The cheapest cars out there are at least 12 rials/day and up to 50 rials for a LandCruiser. (There’s also the annoyance of having your credit card blocked for a few hundred bucks which I encountered!) A good guidebook is going to be another 10 rials. What about all the historical and cultural info that Mark mentioned is provided in the bus recording (in 6 languages)? What value can you put on that? The more I think about it, the more I think it sounds alright and I really want to give it a try. 🙂 Hopefully expect a review on it sometime in the New Year! Thanks for commenting.

  6. I tried the bus tour, it is expensive but I got my money’s worth. There is a free shuttle to qaboos mosque with a walking tour around the mosque as well as a walking tour around the qaboos palace and concealed harbour.
    The best part of the tour was the commentary, they give free headphones and I learnt so much about The city and Oman. I now want to learn more about Oman.. Especially the food.

    • Susie,
      I’m looking forward to trying it out (someday!) and I’m very curious as to what kind of commentary they give. I’m sure there are still MANY things I have to learn about this city! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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