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Jean’s Grill Restaurant, Sultan Center, Al Qurum

jeans grill logo from placemat

Sultan Center Qurum

Jean’s Grill is located inside Sultan Center in al Qurum on the 2nd floor. There is an elevator that goes directly to the restaurant if you are going with a baby stroller or wheelchair.  I mention this because it can be a bit of a challenge to find Jean’s Grill if you’ve never been inside Sultan Center and the elevator is the easiest way to get there.buffet options

These are the different buffet options with prices and timings, taken from the banner immediately in front of the entrance to Jean’s Grill.Seafood Night buffet

Seafood Night buffet sounded like the most impressive choice of buffets so that’s what we tried tonight. The “+” after the price (RO 7.2) indicates that there is a tax as well, but it’s only 5%.seating

Jean’s Grill is quite a spacious restaurant.  One major complaint is that the aircon was on full blast and it was extremely cold.  If you do go, make sure to bring a sweater and eat your food quickly before it goes cold!soups and salads

There seemed to be quite a few salad options.  There were two soup choices including Shrimp Bisque and Lentil soup.  I had the Shrimp Bisque and thought it was delicious.  My wife thought the lentil soup was okay.more salads

some of the buffet food

Calamari, roasted potatoes, seafood pizza, sauteed vegetables.  Many of these dishes were nothing outstanding on their own but as a whole, it was a decent buffet at a reasonable price.other options

more options

4 types of rice, breaded fish, sweet and sour shrimp, breaded fish and morejeans grill chef

more options

shrimp tower

Gotta love the shrimp tower!dessert buffet

The dessert buffet contains various Arabic sweets, cakes, jello, sliced fruit and more.

We enjoyed our evening at Jean Grill’s Seafood Buffet on Wednesday night.  Their placemats read, “Our taste and flavour will keep you coming back“, but I have a feeling it’s more the reasonable price that keeps people coming back.  😉  Have any of you been to Jean’s Grill?  If so, did you try one of their buffets or order off their a la carte menu? Feel free to share your experience here with us.

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