Jean’s Grill Restaurant, Sultan Center, Al Qurum

jeans grill logo from placemat

Sultan Center Qurum

Jean’s Grill is located inside Sultan Center in al Qurum on the 2nd floor. There is an elevator that goes directly to the restaurant if you are going with a baby stroller or wheelchair.  I mention this because it can be a bit of a challenge to find Jean’s Grill if you’ve never been inside Sultan Center and the elevator is the easiest way to get there.buffet options

These are the different buffet options with prices and timings, taken from the banner immediately in front of the entrance to Jean’s Grill.Seafood Night buffet

Seafood Night buffet sounded like the most impressive choice of buffets so that’s what we tried tonight. The “+” after the price (RO 7.2) indicates that there is a tax as well, but it’s only 5%.seating

Jean’s Grill is quite a spacious restaurant.  One major complaint is that the aircon was on full blast and it was extremely cold.  If you do go, make sure to bring a sweater and eat your food quickly before it goes cold!soups and salads

There seemed to be quite a few salad options.  There were two soup choices including Shrimp Bisque and Lentil soup.  I had the Shrimp Bisque and thought it was delicious.  My wife thought the lentil soup was okay.more salads

some of the buffet food

Calamari, roasted potatoes, seafood pizza, sauteed vegetables.  Many of these dishes were nothing outstanding on their own but as a whole, it was a decent buffet at a reasonable price.other options

more options

4 types of rice, breaded fish, sweet and sour shrimp, breaded fish and morejeans grill chef

more options

shrimp tower

Gotta love the shrimp tower!dessert buffet

The dessert buffet contains various Arabic sweets, cakes, jello, sliced fruit and more.

We enjoyed our evening at Jean Grill’s Seafood Buffet on Wednesday night.  Their placemats read, “Our taste and flavour will keep you coming back“, but I have a feeling it’s more the reasonable price that keeps people coming back.  😉  Have any of you been to Jean’s Grill?  If so, did you try one of their buffets or order off their a la carte menu? Feel free to share your experience here with us.

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15 responses to “Jean’s Grill Restaurant, Sultan Center, Al Qurum

  1. Went there a few months ago and the place was empty.
    We sat there for fifteen minutes, got stared at and fobbed-off twice when we asked for service.
    Was simply too much trouble for them to come and take the order. One was reading a catalogue. The other was talking on his mobile.
    We left.

    • Bob,
      That’s horrible! I wonder what time it was when you went there. I’m guessing that it might have been outside the regular buffet timings as the waiters/waitresses seemed pretty attentive during the seafood buffet when we were there. Still there’s no excuse for service like that. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. All the charm of a funera parlor with food from a high-school cafeteria, ca. 1982

  3. i try it befor we see more than but here in this restaurant different no problem in staff bu broblem in philipina girll not allow for thos girles to work their

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a guess that English is not your mother tongue. We did in fact see Filipino ladies working there! 😉

  4. This is one of my favourite places. Breakfast buffet is awesome. Not yet tried the sea food….

    Good thing you mentioned the elevator. Most people do not know about it! It leads you straight inside the restaurant.

    • Mystic,
      Good to hear that you enjoyed the breakfast buffet as I was thinking of trying it out. You can’t get a better price than 3 OR! Thanks for letting us know.

  5. We had eaten here on a previous trip to Muscat and not been very impressed but having read a recent review decided to try it again. We had a seafood buffet one evening and really enjoyed it. On foot of that decided to try the Christmas Day buffet. This was good with a good variety of food but some of it was not really as hot as it should have been. I really enjoyed the starters with an excellent hummous (but not to my husband’s liking). The view over the highway is not very exciting but could be worse and the meal was good value, especially when compared to the very high prices now charged by the hotels for Christmas Day buffet.

    • Yolanda,
      I think the best option is to go for either the breakfast buffet or the seafood buffet. And yes, with each passing year it seems the hotels charge higher and higher prices for meals on Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and Valentines.

  6. I am planning to treat my friend there this coming week for a breakfast buffet. What about the salad and soup? Is it included also in the charges? By the way what are your menus for breakfast buffet. We are 10 person, do we need to get a reservation?

    • This blogpost is just a review. I am not managing the place so you should just call the numbers provided above and ask if you have any questions or special requests. By the way, a reservation is always a good idea, isn’t it?

  7. The buffets there are generally pretty good and value for money, on the other hand I would definately recommend steering clear of the ‘a’la carte’ menu. It seems if you ask for the money it somewhat confuses the waiting staff, our experience was not good to say the least, we ordered a platter for appetizers and 3 main courses, of the 3 main courses 2 were not available so we had to opt for something else, I think eventually I managed to order my 4th choice dish! The main course arrived before the appitizer, when the appitzer finally arrived of the 4 or 5 that should have been on it 2 were missing, we were told that they were not available, on the plate were grease laden calamari and I think some kind of vegetable, all were stone cold. (main courses had been taken away to be kept warm!) Anyway we decided to leave and not eat as the food was virtually inedible!

  8. Hello,

    Yesterday we hosted an Iftar party at your jeans restaurant for 250 pax … As arranged with mr.osman earlier … We came to know on the day of the event he was pulled up by the management for letting out the restaurant …. We had following complains of your staff behaviour –
    1. No replemineshments of the food… No proper answer from the staff when asked for the replenishments of the plate

    2. Mr Osman was particularly rude to our guests and he looked upset as he had let out the whole restaurant at first place…there was no courtesy from his side even after spending more than 1.5k for an evening
    3. Not enough water was available on each table used bottles were passed from one table to another
    4. On the whole the staff was not at all co-operative, wondering how long can u last with such attitude in an service industry ….

    Finally, this is not the first time we hosted an event at your place we never had problems once mr. MOHD. (Egyptian) was in control of the place

    We expect an answer for the above complains we have made


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