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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Here’s this week’s WordPress challenge from Sara Rosso:

Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond? Are there hidden depths in the background? Is the focal point just a framing for the rest of the picture? If it’s not clear why we should look beyond, tell us! Lead us through the story in your photo.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!  Here are my entries:hang on tight

Here’s a pic my sister-in-law took of me at Wadi Dayqah Dam while she was here on a 9-day vacation. While the silly expression on my face may be of some entertainment value, the real story is the force of the water in the picture behind me!  Here’s another pic to show you just what kind of pressure we’re talking about:pressure of wadi dayqah dam

That’s the same ladder down there that was in the previous pic!

This next and final pic is of my friend, Geoffrey, getting far too close to the edge of Oman’s highest mountain, Jabel Shams (or “Mountain of the Sun“) which is known as “The Grand Canyon of Oman“.  I would hate to think what would happen if he went just an inch or two beyond…careful there Geoffrey

Al Bustan Palace Weekend Package Jan 16- Feb 9, 2013

weekend package at al bustan

Some of the major hotels in Oman have great expat deals from time to time. We had the pleasure of booking into the Al Bustan during the summer (summer excitement package) and really had a blast there.  This promo of 120 rials isn’t bad as it includes free use of their incredible infinity pool and breakfast buffet for up to 2. This deal is for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday from Jan 16 to Feb 9, 2013 in case you can’t read the fine print there. Advanced reservations are required and subject to availability. Call 968-2476-4205 or email reservations .albustan@ritzcarlton.com

Capri Court at the Shangri-La

our table

We had a fabulous evening at Shangri-La’s upscale Italian restaurant, Capri Court, for our 4th anniversary yesterday.  Because I called early and made a reservation explaining it was for our anniversary, they put us in the most remote corner outside right next to the al Husn hotel cliff which was quite a romantic setting.al Husn hotel at night

inside restaurant 1

Whether sitting inside or outdoors, the ambience of Capri Court is quite charming.indoor seating

indoor seating 2

There is also this private room which is quite fancy and would serve well as a location for a business lunch/dinner:private room

Capri Court is located in Bandar Hotel, one of the 3 hotels located at Shangri-La’s Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa. As always, it’s great walking around the premises and taking in the sights of this gorgeous hotel.near stairway down to restaurants

staircase down

impressive scene in bandar hotel

nice lanterns

Enough about the hotel…let’s move unto the food! 🙂bread starters

Like most of the upscale Italian restaurants in Muscat, complimentary bread is served at the onset of your meal. Capri Court’s bread assortment was the most impressive of all the Italians restaurants we’ve tried which came withFoccacia Rosemary, Foccasia Sundried Tomato, Ciabata, Walnut and Grisini bread.fabulous drinks

Wild Mojito for him (X2=7.6 OR), Love mocktail for her (2.7 OR). Of course they also have a wide selection of wines on the menu. We loved the drinks!smoked salmon

This smoked salmon was sent over, compliments of the chef, as they felt our dishes were taking too long.  We actually enjoyed the whole non-rushed feel to our evening.minestrone

The Minestrone Soup (Zuppe-Minestrone di verdure) was delicous! (6.5 OR) “Capri Court Style” traditional vegetable soup with basil pesto. (contains nuts)traditional caesar salad

My wife loved her “Insalata dei Caesar” (Traditional Caesar salad) (7.5 OR) which is listed on the menu as “Chef’s Recommendation” with good reason. You can choose this salad with prawns, Gorgonzola cheese or chicken and as you can see my wife went with the prawns.  This dish would be good for anyone who likes quail eggs as they serve quite a number of them in this dish.Pappardelle Duck

I chose Capri Court’s signature pasta dish for my my main course: Pappardelle al ragu’ d’anatra, “Pappardelle pasta with stewed duck ragout, juniper berries and rosemary oil“. (7.5 OR) A fine dish.lamb chops

My wife went with the lamb chops, surprise, surprise! 🙂 Costolette d’agnello al forno con timo al limone e millefoglie di verdure – “Baked lamb chops with thyme and lemon flavor and vegetable millefeuilles“. (16 OR) My wife thought this dish was delicious.

Instead of one of the desserts on the menu, I surprised my wife when I had previously ordered this which the manager brought in perfect timing:anniversay cake

1/2 KG Cake (4 OR). A big thanks to the staff at Capri Court for an unforgettable evening out on our anniversary! 🙂

For the full menu, click here.  I think all restaurants should have their menus online like this.  We basically knew what we’d order and what we could expect to pay before we showed up at the restaurant!

Here’s the view you can expect at Capri Court, taken from their website:capri court shangri la

Have any of you been to Capri Court? If so, how was your experience?  If you do go, make sure to make a reservation! (Tel: 968-2477-6666)

101 Things to See and Do in Oman!

Here’s a great link that a reader of this blog (Saulat Ali) shared with me.  It’s an exciting portal which actually holds the content of the tourism book launched by the Ministry of Tourism Oman!


On the page, just hold your mouse over the pics to click on different regions of Oman: Muscat, Al Batinah, Al Burami, Al Dhahirah, Al Dakhliya, Al Sharqiya, Al Wusta, Dhofar, and Musandam. (or just click on those links here!)

This is right in line with what I’m trying to do on this blog with making a comprehensive list of great tourist sites on my new page, appropriately titled, “Tourist Sites“! 🙂  It’s incredible just how many fascinating places there are to see and how many cool things there are to do here in the Sultanate!