Al Bustan Palace Weekend Package Jan 16- Feb 9, 2013

weekend package at al bustan

Some of the major hotels in Oman have great expat deals from time to time. We had the pleasure of booking into the Al Bustan during the summer (summer excitement package) and really had a blast there.  This promo of 120 rials isn’t bad as it includes free use of their incredible infinity pool and breakfast buffet for up to 2. This deal is for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday from Jan 16 to Feb 9, 2013 in case you can’t read the fine print there. Advanced reservations are required and subject to availability. Call 968-2476-4205 or email reservations

3 responses to “Al Bustan Palace Weekend Package Jan 16- Feb 9, 2013

  1. Both shots give me the whim whams. 😉

    • The “whim whams”, huh? I had to google that expression even though it was pretty clear from the context. Keep up the great blogging. Love your pics. (By the way, I think this was intended for the post on “Beyond” photo challenge, not the Al Bustan promotion. 😉 )

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