Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Here’s this week’s WordPress challenge from Sara Rosso:

Do you have a photo which invites the viewer to look beyond? Are there hidden depths in the background? Is the focal point just a framing for the rest of the picture? If it’s not clear why we should look beyond, tell us! Lead us through the story in your photo.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture which means BEYOND to you!  Here are my entries:hang on tight

Here’s a pic my sister-in-law took of me at Wadi Dayqah Dam while she was here on a 9-day vacation. While the silly expression on my face may be of some entertainment value, the real story is the force of the water in the picture behind me!  Here’s another pic to show you just what kind of pressure we’re talking about:pressure of wadi dayqah dam

That’s the same ladder down there that was in the previous pic!

This next and final pic is of my friend, Geoffrey, getting far too close to the edge of Oman’s highest mountain, Jabel Shams (or “Mountain of the Sun“) which is known as “The Grand Canyon of Oman“.  I would hate to think what would happen if he went just an inch or two beyond…careful there Geoffrey

12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. My Tropical Home

    My vertigo is being triggered just by looking at the photos…lol…these are great beyond photos you’ve shared! 🙂

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  3. Is that mr o’dell, my sons 5th grade teacher?

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  5. wow!! You climb that without all the safety gadgets?? Living dangerously, are we? 🙂

    • Haha, Alice. I know you’re just pulling my leg. Those pics aren’t as dangerous as they may seem. There is a limit to my madness, you know! 😉

  6. Excellent shot for this week theme Beyond 🙂

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