The Abandoned Village of Wadi Ghul

abandoned village at Wadi Ghul

This abandoned village is Wadi Ghul which is less than 30 kms from Al Hoota Cave and about 15 kms from al Hamra.signs galore

Directional signs from the Al Hoota Cave turnoff.closer look

farmers in the valley

village and farmland

wadi ghul boys

Some boys from Wadi Ghul (not the “abandoned village” of course but the nearby modern village) selling souvenirs like cloth keychains for 1 and the boys

Behind me and the boys, you can see the ancient abandoned village on the left and the more modern village on the right.another closer look

wadi ghul beauty

wadi ghul and fields

(GPS coordinates: 23°08′56″N 57°12′32″E)


2 responses to “The Abandoned Village of Wadi Ghul

  1. I’ve driven past this, but I need to go through this village and do the associated hike before I leave Oman!

  2. Cathy,
    You and me both! I wish we had more time to do the associated hike you spoke of, but we were on our way to Jabal Shams that day. For now, I’ll have to do with these simple roadside photos. That’s true “Andy-in-Oman traveling style”, haha! 😉

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