Oman Sail’s Special Packages for February (Discover, Explore, Experience)

oman sail feb specail

Had to share these fantastic packages (for 2) on offer from Oman Sail to:

  • Discover Scuba Diving,
  • Explore the Damaniyat Islands, and/or
  • Experience Sailing

Some pretty decent offers from the folks at Oman Sail! They sure do know how to cover all aspects of social networking: from facebook, to youtube vids to twitter, so I encourage you to show them some love and “like“, subscribe and “follow“.

Published Jan 29, 2013, “This clip summarizes the grand opening of Mussanah Marina and the new dive center which was held at Mussanah Sport’s city on 10th of January2013. The ceremony had various activities during the day after the offical opening by the guest of honor and officials followed by some fun free entertainment for the family and kids.”

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