Spy Camera in Ladies Toilet in Khoula Hospital?!

hidden cam from ToO

                                 Imagine being in a toilet, doing your business and suddenly noticing a small hidden camera filming your every move?! That is what happened to a lady at Khoula Hospital as reported in ToO (Times of Oman).  We can only wonder how long it has been there and how many people it recorded.  Read the shocking article for yourself at: http://www.timesofoman.com/News/Article-7423.aspx  I wonder if the police have discovered who the pervert is (or perverts are) that set up this spy camera.  I wonder how many other places have similar cameras that simply haven’t been found yet.  Take caution, folks! The last thing you want is to be found on some perverted voyeur website for the entertainment of pervs!  I wonder if we’ll ever find out more about this incident.  (Here’s one helfpul comment someone added to the article, “when inside the room, try calling from your cellphone.  if you cannot get a signal or dont have a network connection, then that room could be a camera installed.  The cellphone signal is blocked by this installed gadget inside the room.”)

15 responses to “Spy Camera in Ladies Toilet in Khoula Hospital?!

  1. That is disgusting!!! And HIGHLY perverted!!

  2. Whoever gets off on someone peeing is a weirdo. Enough said.

  3. The caught the person involved, and it was the X-ray changing room that was used to record!!!!

    • Warda,
      Thanks for sharing but where did you get this info? Have they reported this update in the news? So it sounds like it was an inside job by someone in the X-ray changing room such as the X-ray technician. Please do share your source if you have one.

  4. There’s no need to worry people unnecessarily by repeating that rumour at the end of your article.

    An enclosed room deep within a large metal-framed concrete building, especially one like a hospital with lots of specialist medical equipment around, is quite likely to have no mobile signal. It doesn’t mean there’s a spy camera (which, whether wired or on wifi, will have just about zero effect on cellphone signal).

    • SiY,
      I think people would be more worried about the fact that there are such perverts out there recording such private moments than my adding some tip someone shared. 😉 BTW, this is not “unnecessarily repeating a rumour”. It is a tip that is provided to have people who might already be suspicious to verify the presence of a spy camera. You’re right that it’s quite likely that there would be no mobile signal in a hospital, but that’s not the case with changing stalls and other places where perverts are more prone to record. One would simply not expect a hospital (especially a government hospital which has security!!) to have such a spy camera watching their every move! Be sure to check out tip #3 on this website as one quick example of many lists showing how to lookout for spy cameras: http://www.ehow.com/how_4855996_hidden-surveillance-equipment.html

  5. This is not the first time for such pervert act.. I heard it had happened before in Al Nada Hospital too last year. You have a lot of technicians coming in and out it’s easy for them to plant it. More security measures need to be taken, specially in the ladies/ staff rooms.

  6. I wish I can get this camera !!! Strange !!! Yes!!! it might be. But I wish I have this camera to use in our building lift, where another perverts finds it convenient to PEE in the lift. That too, pretty regularly like almost daily. If you or readers of this comment have some better idea to catch this culprit, I will be more than happy to have it than just wishing to have that camera.

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