Marina Bandar Al Rowdha, Muscat

sidab street

Marina Bandar Al Rowdha is located on Sidab Street (in Sidab) between the Al Bustan Palace and the Sultan’s Palace.  If you have been to Oman and are into watersports, boating or scuba-diving, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Marina Bandar Al Rowdha.  It’s a beautiful, postcard-like location to check out if you’re ever in Muscat.Marina in late afternoon

This photo was taken from the lookout spot that you can park at just above the marina.  That building you see in the foreground is the Marine Science and Fisheries Centre which is an aquacultural museum and research centre. Well worth a visit!at the entrance

another scenic shot

the beautiful marina

sky and marina from boat

birds at marina

UK Ambassadors residence

The (UK) Ambassador’s Residence, built in 1993-95, is in a striking location overlooking the sea and backed by the mountains of the Bustan area.” A striking location indeed!cat island with bird on ear

Cat Island which is located right in front of the marina. I’ve blogged about this island before but I wanted to get a picture of this bird on the “right ear” of “the Cat”.  I’ve seen a bird on that ear on my last 3 trips to the marina.marina sign

boats at marina

more boats

blue marlin restaurant indoors

The  jewel in the Marina crown is a fine dining restaurant, the Blue Marlin. Here a variety of international style cuisine is offered in an exquisitely lively ambience.  Whether grabbing lunch, including some amazing seafood while chilling by the pool, or enjoying candle lit dinner with friends and family the same standards of culinary excellence, service and personal attention pervade every aspect of Blue Marlin experience.  Enjoy your meal indoors where the ambience is warm and cozy or take in the picturesque views of the Marina from the pool side.” (from the Blue Marlin webpage)marina poolside at night

You can see the pool on the lefthand side.  We have a friend who comes here often with her son as it’s a great place to swim and unlike many of the fancy hotels with astronomical charges for use of their pool, the pool at the marina is free provided you buy something from the restaurant.night shot

night scenic photo of marina

marina night miniature function pic

For more information on the Marina, here is the official website.

6 responses to “Marina Bandar Al Rowdha, Muscat

  1. I still have to check this place out, Andy!! Soon!

    • You really should, Cathy. Such a beautiful spot. I’ve learned that it’s best to enjoy this place as a second thought while planning a boating activity which launches out from there, such as scuba diving or dolphin watching. That way, it’s like “2 for 1”. 🙂

  2. I regularly go to the beach next door. I can’t be sure from the photo, but the bird is probably an Osprey, There are a few nesting around there. They perch on a rock or vantage point then dive for the fish! Great spot to relax.

    • Hi Gill,
      Yes, that entire area is gorgeous and as you said a “great spot to relax”. I’m curious if you meant that you go to the Capital Area Yacht Centre beach? That beach looks phenomenal! If that is the beach you meant, you must be doing something right to be on such an exclusive (CAYC) beach! Was just checking out their website at 😉 Cheers.

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