Muttrah Geotrek Geological Site

plaque explaining significance

This geological site, “Muttrah Geotrek (West) Geological Site” is located just behind Ghalaya’s Museum of Modern Art (post coming soon!) as you walk along the Muttrah Corniche.  It reads, “The mountains above are made of ophiolite, a rock which developed out of magma from beneath the ocean floor.  It contains minerals like chrome and copper, ores which have been mined in Oman for thousands of years.  These ophiolites have traveled hundreds of kilometers from deep below the ocean to the Arabian continent.  The are considered to be one of the most unique outcrops of this type in the world.  The track leads up to a great view of Muttrah port and beyond to Riyam Park and the gulf of Oman.”  Another reminder that Oman is, as they are always saying, ” a geologists’s paradise”.geotrek map

Geotrek map on plaque – The other entrance to the trek is just behind the entrance to Riyam Park.closer look at rock

location of trek start

A look at the geotrek starting point from Muttrah Corniche which is on Al Bahri Street.  The trail starts just behind the “Al-Maraasy Building” you can see in the pic above.another muttrah scene

fort and modern art museum

2 responses to “Muttrah Geotrek Geological Site

  1. This is the old C35 hike….

  2. Hi Sythe,
    I think you mean the old “C38” hike… 😉 Yeah, that’s the one. I always wondered why they call it “C38” and just learned that it refers to “trek number C38” in the Oman trekking explorer guide.

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