Valentine’s Day Special Offers

Just one week until Valentine’s Day!  Because it falls on a Thursday this year(which is the weekend for us here in Oman for all you international readers), the major 4 and 5 star hotels seem to be charging a lot.  They also like to quote prices per person which is just plain weird because it’s for Valentine’s dinner.  Do they expect couples to split the bill on Valentine’s day?! (Single guys out there with a special date – No, do not split the bill unless you want to be eternally single, haha!)  Anyway, I thought I’d share 2 decent deals that we’re aware of.  Make your reservations early!Shang Thai Valentines Day dinner menuI enjoy Shang Thai but it’s my wife who is the real fan of this place.  Their Al Khuwair branch has moved to MGM (Muscat Grand Mall) so you can choose this Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu at either of their 2 branches: MGM or at the Wave.  Their Valentine’s Day menu is one of the best offers out there; so much so that this will be our 3rd year in a row celebrating there.  (That’s been the wife’s choice: “A happy wife is a happy life!” 😉 )al nahda valentines dayHere’s another decent offer to consider.  Al Nahda Resort & Spa is certainly no “Shangri-La” but if you’ve never stayed there this could be a good opportunity to check it out and enjoy the weekend with your better half.  It’s a bit of a ride out there from Muscat but if you’re staying the night anyway it’s no big deal.  We’ve always enjoyed our stays there.

What are your plans (if any) for Valentine’s Day?  Any other great deals out that you can share with us all?

UPDATE: Check out the more complete list of what’s going on for Valentine’s Day around Muscat at Muscat Mutterings.


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