Weekly Photo Challenge(S): Home, Unique, Love

This Week’s Challenge: “Share a picture that evokes HOME for you.   It might be the place where you live, or a more abstract representation, or something completely different.” 

our 1st home                                                 Our home in the Philippines! It’s nice to have a place to call home especially as we’re expats here in Oman and have to be ready to pack up and leave at a moment’s notice.  Of course we know a home is so much more than “4 walls and a door”; it’s “where the heart is” as they say, which brings us to the photo challenge I missed 2 weeks back: LOVE.

“Love. Can you believe we’ve never done this theme? I won’t give you any hints here. Amaze us with your own interpretation of LOVE.”family timeSimply put, LOVE=Family.  Wherever we are together is home enough for me!

And finally, last week’s challenge: “share a picture that says UNIQUE to you”.our sweeties    I love this photo of our 2 sweeties.  At first glance, you can really see that they are brother and sister, can’t you? They look so similar in many ways, but the truth is that they each have their own unique character traits and habits.our son sleepingOur son who loves to play to the point of exhaustion.peekaboo                                      Our joyful little princess!

That brings us back full circle to this week’s photo challenge HOME – where UNIQUE members of a household are united in LOVE.

Click here to check out more entries for this week’s photo challenge, HOME, at the Daily Post.

17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge(S): Home, Unique, Love

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  4. Home sweet home.. Lovely

  5. I love the picture of your sweeties, mashallah :))

  6. Your kids are very cute 🙂

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  8. Lovely pictures…. I sent an email to you last week…. I will be there aroud the 26th , and let me know if you guys need anything from here….

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