Eye-catching Scenery along the Muscat Expressway

mawaleh marbela sceneEverytime I drive the Muscat Expressway from the airport towards Barka(between Mawaleh and Mabela to be more precise), I get slightly distracted by the view of these majestic mountains! Don’t worry-the sister-in-law took this photo while I was driving! 😉  (I simply cropped the pic to get the concrete barriers out of the shot.) I try to have a camera everywhere I go in Oman as it’s such a beautiful country.  It’s with good reason that the Ministry of Tourism has chosen the slogan “Beauty Has an Address“!


4 responses to “Eye-catching Scenery along the Muscat Expressway

  1. This is exactly what a family friend and I were discussing – today!! We were driving from SQU towards the city and talking about how unique and picturesque the landscape is. Hope it stays the same! 🙂

  2. Yes, the scene is awesome…even I like to travel on this road to get just a glimpse of this view…ur blog is too good…it has so much of information on all best places to visit in Oman…and lots of personal experiences with lots of pics…it seems u visit a new place every weekend!

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