Valentine’s Day Offer at 360° Restaurant

chef alan at workLast night we went back to 360° Restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to treat another friend who flew all the way from Germany to celebrate that friend’s birthday! (That’s what I call friendship! 🙂 ) Once again we had the Teppanyaki and it tasted even better than we remembered from our first visit almost 3 months ago!  As you can see in the photo above, Chef Alan had a little “pre-Valentine’s Day message” for us as he cooked!360 degree signMy friend asked us for directions to the restaurant but this huge sign (new since our first visit) on the building just next to the restaurant is unmistakable!green tea icecream                                  This is a pic of the Green-Tea Icecream we had that came with our orders of Samurai Tender Chicken (12 OR) and Surf and Turf Lobster (12 OR).  If you haven’t tried Teppanyaki at this restaurant, you really do have to give it a try!coffeeshop picThis is the outdoor coffeeshop-like area called “The Hydro Lounge“.  This is where they plan to decorate and host a special romantic candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day with limited seats.  They mentioned that people could also order it indoors as well.valentines day info

details of menuSeems like quite an impressive meal for 25 Omani rials/couple (+service charge & tax so probably just shy of 30 OR).  I already mentioned 2 decent Valentine’s Day offers yesterday and so I thought I’d post this one as well.  Why not enjoy a romantic meal and check out this relatively new restaurant on the Muscat dining scene?!  To reserve a table, call (968)2490398.

For a more complete list of Valentine’s Day specials around Muscat, check out the incredible list put together at Muscat Mutterings!


4 responses to “Valentine’s Day Offer at 360° Restaurant

  1. thanks for the tips:)

  2. Its undoubtedly the best dine-in experience I have had off late ,felt like dining in Zuma …..and the herb crusted lamb chops (New zealand Lamb chops )were out of the world and I mean ..what i am writing …lamb chops were phenomenal ……though Chef Nasar didn’t divulge much of the secret herbs he used ….I am surely visiting on valentines for the entire wide range of classical menu at the price Andy just posted……though I didnt pay much attention to this on my this visit………I wish we have more of such restaurant in Muscat…..:)

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