“Freezing Omanis” – World Record Attempt with Bloggers & Tweeps!

FreezingOmanis  Have you heard of “Freezing Omanis“?!  They are 2 local Omani guys ( Bader and Ameer) who are scheduled to travel to Antartica in a week’s time to raise awareness about the need for clean energy and put more focus on the environment.  I had the pleasure of meeting  these cool guys months ago at the Wadi Shab World Diving Championship. 

Well, they are doing something quite exciting tomorrow and have asked me to be part of it…They are making 2 attempts at world records:

  1. the most number of bloggers/tweeps in a freezer, and
  2. the coldest “tweet-up”. 

I’m both excited and nervous about the whole thing!  People naturally assume that as a Canadian being in a -20 degree celsius freezer should be “no problem”.  I am so climitized to Oman that I think this cold weather might hit me harder than they would expect!

Please go here to the post, “A World Record for a Good Cause” to read more about it at the Freezing Omanis officially website! (And please do keep up with them during their adventures to encourage them!!!) Why not join in the tweetup on twitter with the hashtag #TweeterinaFreezer ?  Or you can simply follow the Freezing Omanis on twitter at: https://twitter.com/FreezingOmanis 

Here’s another great post by Maurizio of “Oman Collective Intelligence” about the event and he even lists the bloggers/tweeps involved.

Wish us luck! 🙂 EXCITING stuff!  I’m honored to be a part of it!

7 responses to ““Freezing Omanis” – World Record Attempt with Bloggers & Tweeps!

  1. Enjoy the “evil freezer” :). I am not into Twitter but will support the cause with a short post!

  2. I am the anonymous above, I guess I ignored the details section!

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