BIG BUS TOURS Muscat: Stops 6-10 (Part 2 of 2)

Continued from Part 1, this is mostly a post of pictures from stops 6-10 of Big Bus Tours Muscat.mosque in wattayahclock tower  The Muscat Clock Tower near Stop #6: Central Business District  (Public Bus Stop – Bustling city centre, Clock tower, shopping) is  the oldest monument in modern friday market  Driving by Friday Market at Wadi al Kabir.  The recording told us that Friday Market is actually open on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 to 9pm.  This was the first time I had ever heard about this market!mountains towards shangrila  The impressive mountains on the road (pictured on the right here) which lead to Qantab, the Oman Dive Centre, Shangri-La, Yiti and potsparliament  Stop #7: Parliament (Opposite Parliament Building – Parliament, Clock tower, Al Bustan 5 star resort)boat and flowersparliament  The 64 metre iconic clock tower of the new Parliament (“Majlis” in Arabic) is the highest clock tower in the Sultanate.marina  Stop #8: Marina Views (View point layby: Scenic stop.  Marina, Picnic area, Park)sidab  The Big Bus Tour drives by the historic coastal area of Sidab which is used as one of the bases of operations for the Omani Coast Guard.sidab street  Along Sidab Streetat sultans palace  Stop #9: Al Alam Royal Palace (Roundabout – Sultan Qaboos Palace, National Museum, Old Quarter)  This is the stop where a daily 60-minute tour begins at 3pm and finishes up at Stop #10.big bus tours at palacepalace towards sidabmuscat gate  Through Muscat Gatebus drivermuttrah corniche  The tour finally stops just under 2 hours later (depending on traffic) at Stop #10: Corniche (Car Park – Scenic view of Muttrah, Corniche, Dolphin Fountain)  If you have the time, I highly recommend getting off at this stop and walking back along the corniche towards Muttrah Souq.all over Muscatcorniche pic  A big thanks to Big Bus Tours for the complimentary ticket to check out Muscat.  It was an enjoyable trip around Muscat with some great views and educational commentary on a city I’m proud to call home.  I’ll finish this review with another short vid from my tour: 


5 responses to “BIG BUS TOURS Muscat: Stops 6-10 (Part 2 of 2)

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  2. At 20 rials a seat, surely too expensive

    • People who haven’t done the tour end up saying this but I think the price is right when you consider all the stops it makes, free shuttle bus to the Grand Mosque, comments in 6 languages, 60-minute tour of old Muscat and the map that goes along with the tour.

  3. My Tropical Home

    It’s so beautiful there…

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