Jebel Sifah Carnival this Thursday, March 7th, 3-7pm

Jebel Sifah Carnival  This sounds like great fun for the family this weekend.  If you’ve never driven out to Jebel Sifah to Sifawy Boutique Hotel located there (or enjoyed lunch or dinner at one of their restaurants: As Sammak restaurant or Al Sabla), this sounds like the perfect excuse to head down there this Thursday.  The beach and village of Sifah are other good reasons to check out the area and it’s a pleasant coastal ride through Bandar al Khiran as well. Sounds like fun and hey, admission is free! 😉

5 responses to “Jebel Sifah Carnival this Thursday, March 7th, 3-7pm

  1. I am going here on weekend c u all there! 😉

  2. I attended, it was alot of fun. Jebel Shifa is Gorgeous check out my post here.

    • Nicole,
      Thanks SO much for putting a link to your post here. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend because we had so much fun at the Extreme Sailing Event and we ended up leaving later than we planned. Seeing the pics and reading your commentary at least gave me an idea of what we missed! Thanks!

  3. No prob, you’re welcome!

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