Daily Archives: March 12, 2013

Bro’s Got Talent! (Ehab Zaki)

instagram photo of ehabs  It’s one thing to witness talent on tv or a youtube clip.  It’s another thing altogether when we see such talent from someone we know; maybe someone humble who doesn’t blow their own horn.  There is such a guy who sings from time to time in our church choir.  Ehab Zaki is a Sudanese brother whose voice is remarkable.  Give him a listen and see what I mean! This guy should be selling records and playing at sold out concerts!

Here’s his mini-cover of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror“: http://soundcloud.com/beacemam/michael-jackson-man-in-the

Here’s a short piece I believe he wrote himself called “When did we lose our souls?“: http://soundcloud.com/beacemam/lose-our-soul-eoriginal

Here’s a little Bob Marley for you as Ehab does a cover of “I Shot the Sheriff“: http://soundcloud.com/beacemam/i-shot-the-sherrif-ecover

A cover of “House of God“: http://soundcloud.com/beacemam/house-of-god-cover-feat

Never Let You Down“: http://soundcloud.com/beacemam/never-let-you-down

Silent Tombhttp://soundcloud.com/beacemam/silent-tomb

Isn’t he talented?  I’d certainly buy an album if he ever released one!