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Shooting in Shinas – Now Gang Rape in Sohar?! What’s Happening to Oman?!

What on earth is happening in Oman these days?!

I just shared earlier today about a shooting of a student in Shinas by an Omani teacher.  Now on the same day, March 23rd, there is news of 5 Omani “men” gang-raping a woman in Sohar.  Once again, Gulf News seems to come out fastest with the news than many other news agencies.  Here is the news article titled “Five held in Oman on kidnap and rape charges“.  Why is it always Asian women that get raped in Oman? Asian woman, take care here in Oman!! This seems to be a very dangerous country for Asian woman.  Such stories (and others unpublished) should make someone’s blood boil, but I know many would be more upset about the story being reported than the fact that such disgusting acts occur!

I was telling my wife that they need to publish the names and photos of all those involved in the papers.  I’m glad to see that Muscat Daily has just included this picture of those monsters in their latest report.Five-arrested-in-Sohar-for-kidnapping-rape_muscatdaily

 Here is the full report from Muscat Daily titled “Five arrested in Sohar for kidnapping, rape“.  I hope these sick rapists get what should be coming to them.  For those of you who think I’m being “harsh”, try imaging such a thing happening to your mother, wife, sister or daughter and then tell me what punishment would seem just to you!!!

As for me and my family, with each passing day we are feeling much more comfortable with leaving Oman next June.

Omani Teacher Shoots Student in Secondary School!

Gulf News report         I was quite surprised to read a tweet from Merge Fm about 2 hours ago (about 2:30pm local time) that read, “Local Update: ROP confirmed news of a student shooting in a public school in Shinas. The police are still investigating the cause #oman”.

On one hand, it’s good that it’s not like what we might expect after hearing about so many bloody school shootings in Ameria.  It involved one person getting shot. (Notice I didn’t write “only one person” as one person getting shot is still far too many!!!)  On the other hand, it is shocking to hear that it was a teacher who shot a student! Gulf News was fast in getting an article out, posting an article online a little over an hour ago titled, “Oman teacher shoots student suspected of abusing his son“.  Read it for yourself.  There are so many unknowns about this case that make you wonder.  When local papers report on someone “getting abused” it can mean all kinds of things…  Apart from old rifles from the days of fighting the communists in Oman, I thought that almost no one (apart from police and military) had firearms.  Why did this school teacher have a 9mm pistol and where did he get it from?  By far, the most disturbing part of the report from Gulf News is the quote from an unknown source saying that “it was a matter of honour for the teacher“.  Excuse me?! Honour?!  Maybe we have different dictionaries because that is far from honorable.  Why not report the matter to the police?  I hope that such “honor shootings” don’t catch on here.