Shooting in Shinas – Now Gang Rape in Sohar?! What’s Happening to Oman?!

What on earth is happening in Oman these days?!

I just shared earlier today about a shooting of a student in Shinas by an Omani teacher.  Now on the same day, March 23rd, there is news of 5 Omani “men” gang-raping a woman in Sohar.  Once again, Gulf News seems to come out fastest with the news than many other news agencies.  Here is the news article titled “Five held in Oman on kidnap and rape charges“.  Why is it always Asian women that get raped in Oman? Asian woman, take care here in Oman!! This seems to be a very dangerous country for Asian woman.  Such stories (and others unpublished) should make someone’s blood boil, but I know many would be more upset about the story being reported than the fact that such disgusting acts occur!

I was telling my wife that they need to publish the names and photos of all those involved in the papers.  I’m glad to see that Muscat Daily has just included this picture of those monsters in their latest report.Five-arrested-in-Sohar-for-kidnapping-rape_muscatdaily

 Here is the full report from Muscat Daily titled “Five arrested in Sohar for kidnapping, rape“.  I hope these sick rapists get what should be coming to them.  For those of you who think I’m being “harsh”, try imaging such a thing happening to your mother, wife, sister or daughter and then tell me what punishment would seem just to you!!!

As for me and my family, with each passing day we are feeling much more comfortable with leaving Oman next June.

42 responses to “Shooting in Shinas – Now Gang Rape in Sohar?! What’s Happening to Oman?!

  1. This is just saddening :(.

    Also, you’ve leaving next year? Back to Canada then?

    • Absolutely disgusting, isn’t it?!

      Yes, we’ll be leaving in the summer of 2014. It’ll be back to the Philippines, first and then on to the next chapter; whatever God has willed!

  2. You’re right, Andy, this is disgusting. I hope these people are brought to justice!

    • Disgusting doesn’t even come close to describing the actions of those 5 animals. There really are no words. They shall get their just deserts, in this life or the next. How can we even be sure that if they were punished, that they wouldn’t be some of the countless “pardoned” each holiday?! There is never follow up with such cases! When (if ever!!!) will we learn the fate of these monsters?! Will wasta be used and is there a chance that they will not even face any punishment at all?!?!

  3. this is alarming… I just read a news yesterday about Oman features in a UK magazine with the title “Oman Under the Microscope”” – The report notes that Oman has witnessed a sea of changes and development over the last 43 years to become a modern state with world-class ports, airports, roads, universities, colleges, schools, healthcare facilities, and social-care institutions.

    And so this bad issues are being seen already… with a microscope

    • Mars,
      I read about that article and know that it’s in the British magazine, The Middle East, but I haven’t read it. I think this aspect of looking at the crimes committed here in Oman is a new phenomenon. These crimes have been occurring for years but they’re only recently reporting them.

  4. this is alarming… I just read a news yesterday about Oman features in a UK magazine with the title “Oman Under the Microscope”” – The report notes that Oman has witnessed a sea of changes and development over the last 43 years to become a modern state with world-class ports, airports, roads, universities, colleges, schools, healthcare facilities, and social-care institutions.

    And so this bad issues are being seen already… with a microscope

  5. So sad. I heard these things were happening to the Asian ladies. They seem to be preyed upon. A pedicure lady who is Filipino told me she is afraid of going around in taxis. She has a friend who was raped here by a taxi driver. She said it is a very common occurrence. She is very harsh with the drivers…always taking a photo of their license plate before getting into the taxi, sending to a friend or her boss. From what she was telling me, rapes happen frequently and we just don’t hear about them. Very sad, as I thought Oman was a safe place for us all. Not so, for the ladies who are neither western Expats nor Omani. My housekeeper from Sri Lanka has had problems with the taxi drivers. Glad it is coming out to be public knowledge now. Maybe Oman will be outraged and embarrassed and come down hard on these guys.

    • “Preyed upon” sounds about right. When people ask me if Oman is a safe place, my first thought is “Ask the Asian ladies who have been raped here if Oman is a safe country!” I think they should come down extremely hard on the monsters. I think execution is befitting such a heinous crime.

  6. Unfortunately the cases of raping the women are not new.Look what’s happening in India.In all cases there’s no power nor public demand for disclosure such a information.Still,the aim of media should be informing about what’s happening and not hiding the stories.

    • roman,
      Agreed! That’s why I appreciate the newest English paper, Muscat Daily, which seems to have started the first few steps towards true journalism here. Now Gulf News has been reporting on important issues as well.

  7. I can’t believe this and am glad they have been caught!! It is terrible that it is Asian women that are targets but it is not only them…other expat women are targets. I, as a single European female, have been harassed, but not to the extreme, by men. It happens in clubs, bars, and taxis. I am too scared to join my friends in a nightclub due to being harrassed by men who do not understand the words “leave me alone”. I refuse to take a taxi as I have heard -first hand- of expat women being raped. I have been harrassed in a taxi…where is the safety of this country??

    • I am glad they have been caught as well. I have heard of women from just about every nationality being harassed but men are even bigger pigs when it comes to how they treat Asian ladies.

  8. Andy,are you leaving Oman?Where are you heading off?

  9. As it always happens and seems to be the same everywhere, authorities don’t move a single finger till it’s too late. It sounds as if they were uncapable to foresee unfair or terrible situations, and when these situations involve the welfare of women, they are even worse. I have the feeling that, till the women in oman (specilly the omani ones) don’t start publicy complaining for this situation, things will continue the same.

    Are you seriously considering about leaving Oman, Andy?

  10. I and my friend had an unfortunate experience some years back when the taxi driver pulled over the dark spot in Al Khuwair. Knowing his intention, I took out my house key and put the sharp end on the driver’s neck telling him to get us out of there or I’ll hurt him. He drove and we demanded to be dropped off at Radisson still holding the key to his neck. When we got out, we run to the guard but the taxi sped away. Be careful.

    • Anon,
      It’s good that you didn’t end up as another statistic or “most viewed item on Gulf news”!!!

      • That’s really shocking. How dare are they? If I were the person in charge I will sentence them to death penalty.
        In Oman there is no information of plate number on seat, unlike here in Philippines each taxi must have a written plate number on four doors.
        I always text my friends of the plate number of the taxi once I get on.
        Oman is one of best country in the world in term of tourism.

        • hani,
          That’s interesting that the plate number is on all four doors of taxis in the Phillipines. I’ll look out for that on my next trip. I hope that they really do hit such monsters with the full extent of the law to ensure that Oman does not suffer in terms of reputation or tourism.

  11. There is a lot that goes on that is not reported, we had problems when first came here with an Omani man trying to have sex with our 7 year old boy. It was not until this happened that another expat family in our compound found out that this Omani had been into his son!! This matter was taken to the police, the family of the Omani offered the expat family money to drop there case but this was not accepted. The expat family decided to leave Oman ASAP after what had happened, after they left the case against the Omani did not go any further. Another case was with my male Filipino workers, a taxi driver tried to have sex with them when he was taking them home. Then again a few weeks ago my wife called me asked for me to help her get out of the supermarket as an Omani man was following her, all of this was in Sohar.
    Please be careful out there.

    • Glenn,
      That’s horrible to hear what (almost) happened with your son. We know there is a lot that goes unreported as my wife has friends who worked in the Philippine and Indian embassies and it was SHOCKING to hear the things that happened which were not reported. We’re talking about bodies found in the early morning which had been “abused” and mutilated! Thanks for the reminder to be careful out there.

  12. Has anybody heard the stories about the taxi driver mas********n (word edited by administrator) while he had femaly passengers sitting inside his cab?The Asian ladies were trying to hit him with their hand bags but they did only worse,certainly he was enjoying that.
    Eventually they managed to escape and run away.I was told this story by an omani guy who was also shocked!

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  14. This is really frightening! Until now I thought in Oman this would almost be impossible to happen. But did you read recently about the Norvegian woman raped by her colleague in Dubai? She complained to the police and was arrested herself. As it seems to me, the authorities in Oman act much different and in the way it should be, they jail the attackers and not the raped woman. Am I right? Being on the verge of arranging for our move to Oman within the next year, this is very important for me to know how such cases are dealt with in Oman vs. the story that happend in Dubai.

    • They don’t seem to write about such events much in the papers here which is what makes the news report about this Sohar gangrape unusual. As of yet (10 months later) there is still no coverage of the punishment (if any) these 5 monsters received. Absolutely no news whatsover ……

  15. Berthold Kynast

    Andy, now I am shocked beyond imagination, even more since I am now closely before seriously taking my first steps to moving to Oman within the next year, since I now have a possible sponsor and would work as a freelance translator from there for my existing customers. I was considering Oman as a very safe country and experienced it as such. And now I read that you leave too, but surely because your contract is running out, not because you like to leave? My main reason to go to Oman is of course because I love the country, but as well because I cannot bear the high costs of living in Germany longer (and surely not the bad weather all year through). Can you give me an advice? I have two possibilities of countries: 1st choice is Oman, 2nd choice is Bulgaria because it is a nice country, it is warm, sunny and very low costs of living and just 10% flat tax. I absolutely need to chose one of those two countries but after I hear this, maybe it is not advisable to go to Oman with my wife?

  16. I don’t mean to intrude, but I came across this blog i was looking for a comic association!!!!
    this discussion as surprising and shocking as the news and the issues you are discussing!
    I’m an Omani woman who studied abroad for two years–precisely in Ottawa, Canada. And guess what; I was always warned against going out alone at night, taking the bus when there are no other riders, staying late at the university!!! I was even advised not to live on campus!!! There was daily news of rapes and suicide. Yes, the university news followed it up, but it happened!!!
    The university had night patrols for the safety of students. Still things happened! I myself experienced the fear you are taliking about … and where? In your own country!!! I was once in the students’ lounge when some creepy wacko kept knocking on the lounge’s window and doing all sorts of frighteningly alarming moves. Thank God only graduate students could enter the lounge using a key… Of course I moved where he couldn’t see me and waited till i made sure a friend was around to leave with.
    Saturday nights were the do-not-go-out-if-you-musn’t nights. Why? Because of all the drunk insane men who would even knock on your door and insert their keys into your door’s lock trying to enter your apartment insistingly unaware that it’s NOT theirs!!! I’ve seen countless guys with sunglasses gazing between women’s legs on the bus!!! Oh, i forgot the gun-shots in Toronto when i went there for a holiday!!!
    So… What exactly are you taking about?!! What are you guys happy about leaving Oman?!!! Where to? To the same places where our young men exported lack of ethics and backward animal behavior?!!!
    I’m an Omani and I, too, have started to lose my sense of security in my country, but why? Because of all those sex images and videos that concurred the internet which turn people into animals? But who posts them?!!! OR because of drugs that needy young men (in their teenage and early twenties) import and sell to kill sanity of others? OR Because the so-called modern world!!!
    Ten years back, suicide, rape, killing were not something we’d hear about in our neighborhood. Now, we hear of all that!!! And of countless drug dealers!!! Young men selling drugs!!! Do they make it?!! I don’t think so…
    Please stop making my country seem like a hideous place–the worst of all!!!! Please stop it when the entire world is a jungle! Stop it when your own countries are no better!!!

    Be fair to this developing country that is trying to import modernity from the advanced “modern” West, but has to take the full package and not leave out degradation!

    • Now imagine you lived in such a place and they DIDN’T REPORT AND WARN?! Think about that.

      And who ever said Canada (or any country) is “paradise”?! Certainly not me!

      Thanks for exposing your prejudice and why things are not bound to change anytime soon. You write, “places where our young men exported lack of ethics and backward animal behavior”. People like you (with your head in the sand) want to blame “foreign influences” or why such young men do such unthinkable crimes. And the rest you blame on “illegal imports”…Unbelievable!!! In your mind, your monsters are really “just victims”, aren’t they?!?! You are exactly the type of backwards thinking person that wants to keep people in the stone ages. It’s a good thing not all Omanis (you claim to be Omani, but who knows who are are!) do not think like you AT ALL!

      THANK YOU for verifying what I wrote in the original post. You proved my very words when I wrote, “I know many would be more upset about the story being reported than the fact that such disgusting acts occur!

  17. And do you even know what was behind the shooting incident in a school in Shinas? The victim (the student) was a drug addict and a pervert, rapist you name it! He raped the teacher’s 8-year-old sun and gave him illegal drug injection… There were rumors that he even threatened to kill the boy! The teacher, a father as you can see, found no other way to protect his sun and save him from this criminal whom the law couldn’t accuse because of the lack of evidence! The man shot the student and turned himself in to the police! Does a true criminal do this? Just a desperate father does!
    My info come from the teacher’s neighbors who also know the family of the assaulted student.
    You know nothing and you come here and knowingly say “a teacher shot a students.” What do you know?!
    Do you know what Oman is like now? Like your country when it started to fall into degradation…
    Take about safety as much as you want, but at least be fair to my country and don’t ruin its reputation… Please don’t and let me try to build my country and fix the distorted concepts of life, freedom, hope and modernity that my Omani young brothers have adopted from the screwed world!

    • once again “have adopted from the screwed world”. Blame the outside world for 5 ungodly vicious raping monsters from assaulting a poor young girl! SHAME ON YOU, you monster! When will people take accountability for their own actions? I sincerely hope you do not have any children.

    • It is actually people like you who truly ruin the reputation of Oman.

  18. To Omani: It seems that your rage is motivated more by the tarnished image of your country. You seem to have no empathy whatsoever for the non-Western female expat workers (maids, servants, etc.) that have been sexually abused in your country. They, unlike you, Oman women, do not have the luxury to be accompanied by male relatives or drive themselves around in their own cars. After being raped or assaulted, they are not afforded any counseling and more often than not, rapists, especially Omani national men, go unpunished because it is only a foreign non-Western women who is not worth much. All you you seem to care about is the honor of your country whose purity has been soiled by the corrupt West. Excuse me for saying this, but this sounds extremely simplistic. Sexual harassment and rape is a worldwide phenomenon. When men and women are kept apart in a conservative society it creates young men who are perverted because they do not know how to interact respectfully with women.. but, of course, in the case of oil-rich Gulf countries, maids and other workers from non-Western countries are not afforded the respect that Omani women or Western women deserve.

    • Hiba,
      Well said!
      “To Omani: It seems that your rage is motivated more by the tarnished image of your country. You seem to have no empathy whatsoever for the non-Western female expat workers (maids, servants, etc.) that have been sexually abused in your country.” You nailed it!

  19. To Hiba: I don’t think that you’ve read my post well. What enrages me is the negative tone that “Andy” wrote his post with, as if saying that it is only Oman or this is the worst place ever!!! For the sake of God, what we try to do is build, and what such articles and blogs do is destroy. I’m outraged by the fact the a person from the very country where I saw hundreds of incidents being discussed, is criticizing my country!! I’m outraged by the fact that the very nations that exported this social threat to us are the ones that attack us now!!! I’m outraged by the ignorance of the writer and his readers!!! Yes, I’m outraged.
    I didn’t talk at all about the raped woman, so who gave you the right to assume that I have no sympathy for her. I do. I am a woman, too. And if you have read my post well, you’d have noticed that I did feel exactly the same fear and sense of threat when I was in Canada!!! Beside all the things that I mentioned above, people sometimes let their dogs bark at us, muslim women in canada!! The worst incident was in the building I lived in. I was with a friend waiting for the elevator with many people and a blond woman’s dog barked at us. My friend was scared to death by the loud barking of the huge dog and the woman just stared at us like we were criminals (we did nothing to her not even say a word)… and guess what? None of the people around said anything!!! I stayed were I was because I didn’t do anything wrong and I was there before her, but because the barking went on and on and my friend was too sacred to remain, we had to go to the cold outside until the woman took the elevator up…isn’t that harassment! Why none of the western people around do anything?! Two young women being threatened this way… because the dog wouldn’t bite us?! Oh, yeah. I know!
    BTW, I like dogs and chatted occasionally on bus stops with elder women and sometimes they had dogs… My Chinese neighbor had a huge Chao Chao dog and because he was friendly, I could touch it. I’m just saying this because many ignorant westerns think that Muslims hate animals! get you info. straight already. We’re sick of this ignorance and sick of being judged and attacked by you.
    I indeed do empathize with the women who feel unsafe while struggling for life in a foreign place among foreign people, but, how much would it help if we stop at criticizing the criminal and sympathizing. This is just the surface of the problem. As foreigners, you do not care to understand why it happened. We do, though, because we need to heal our society.

    You are trying to be logical telling me that in conservative societies, men become perverted. Give me a proof. Explain to me why there is much rape in the west. Are they deprived, too?!!! They become sexaholic for God’s sake! Cheating on wives, switching girlfriends, etc… I can’t understand your argument… are they conservative in the advanced west, too?! What an era! Quit the silly jokes and let’s understand a bit.

    Would you crave something that you haven’t seen or heard of? Normal people will say no. Does this explain why non-Omani women are usually the victims?
    When I went to the west, I wore my islamic clothes, but avoided black. the reason is one is more likely to capture attention if different. The matter of difference in the case of Asian women is more than the direct difference. Their clothes are exposing and arousing–tight jeans showing and short tops showing exactly the size and shape of bodies. For God’s sake, if you are not selling your body, why show it! Such is what turn men into insane creatures… It’s images in the head or the scene of an attractive woman that make them do this.

    The other aspect of it is “Who” commit such crimes. These are usually young men who failed in their education and got no better job. Usually ones who curse fate and look for an opportunity to change their lives, mostly without attempting it. These are our problem because they are the outcome of various factors the educated Omanis and decision makers, have to handle.

    What we, omani women, do when we live in apartment buildings with other female workers or students, is higher a trusted driver and go in groups. We do protect ourselves. And law does punish Omanis who commit such crimes. They do spend years in jail. Those who can us wasta in fact do not need to rape foreigners because they have ways to have girlfriends… disgusting and illegal and forbidden by religion, but they do it. Those who rape Asian women are poor men and there is no wasta for them, Andy. get your information straight before you right to your fans.

    just not to say that I selected what I’ll argue about, I won’t leave the issue of housemaids uncommented upon… However, all that I can say to the readers of this blog, whose reactions didn’t show me average intellect or social awareness, all I can say to them is that the matter of housemaids is more complicated. Often times, they are the criminals in sex pursuits… Still this is a complicated problem for social workers and sociologists to deal with… and yes, we’ve started to employ such expertise to cope with the changes our society witnesses.

    • My last comment to you is simply that you are sick and twisted! It’s hard to believe that people even think like you do. Thank God you are a very small minority and most of the people are not as small minded as you. Don’t bother trying to comment again. You have fouled this blog enough with your vile thoughts and writing. I only allowed your few comments to be posted so that people can see the bizarre minority of people I have to deal with from time to time.

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