Apparent Bank Robbery at Bank Muscat Fanja Branch This Morning

bank heist attempt at fanja  This hasn’t been verified officially but apparently this photo was taken in Bank Muscat Fanja Branch (7:41am according to the timestamp on the pic) and is making its rounds on Whattsapp here in the Sultanate.  Got it off twitter from Ali Al Zadjali who wrote, “Man with gun went to the cashier! Apparently as I received messages on Whatsapp he didn’t get any money.”  His friend said that they have a couple of roadblocks put up there now.  This might cause a bit of traffic for folks heading back to their villages today if they have to drive through Fanja.  Anyone know more about this incident?  Like Ali Zadjali asked, “What’s going on in Oman?”

More news from the folks at Merge FM.  They tweeted that “Lieutenant Mohammed Al Hashami from ROP: News about attempted robbery of Bank Muscat Fanja Branch is true.”  “Robber entered bank early this morning carrying some kind of weapon asking employees for keys to the main safe. Staff did not comply.”  “Robber got frightened and ended up fleeing the scene. Bank staff contacted ROP immediately. Investigation is still underway“.  Thanks for the updates, Merge!

Here’s a report from Gulf News:

16 responses to “Apparent Bank Robbery at Bank Muscat Fanja Branch This Morning

  1. People are mad, who on their right mind would want to go an rob a bank, knowing damn well there are cameras everywhere and for sure it wount take long before our police catch him.them…

    • Isha,
      You said it. NO ONE in their right mind would do such a thing which causes me to think that drugs were involved. Let’s pray that the police catch those involved!

  2. Well done for not giving in and I know for sure our ROP will catch him

  3. Muscat Jet Driver

    “Michael Jackson” in foiled robbery attempt!


  4. Bank robbers almost always get caught lol. Drugs are on the rise in Oman and I am sure that has something to do with it. Plus a young Omani male culture almost parentless idolizing street life in rap music without understanding it.

    But I have news of another near crime. In Shariqyah near Sur a couple days ago a Pakistani man nearly kidnapped (for very bad purposes I am sure like rape) a young Omani child [female]. THankfully, and old man was on a rooftop and saw it happening and the man took off. SO I urge mothers and fathers in Sur and AL SHaqiyah to be very careful. There is a child predator/would-be rapist on the loose. The ROP have no information that could lead to his arrest. The old man was more concerned about making sure the little girl was alright than chasing the bad guy.


  5. LOL @ MJD.

    I didn’t even notice the one white glove.

  6. The police don’t like to look inept. It’s a fact. I only know of it because I know the people in the village. The fact is, if they have no information that could lead to an arrest, they don’t issue warnings. if they have a description though, they generally put out an alert through local wali’s/courthouses. So if you want to know if there is someone bad in the loose in your area, the courthouse/wali’s office usually know.

    When I was almost abducted in Barka two years ago, I learnt how this works first hand. Unless you get a plate number + car make or ID number and good description the police won’t issue an alert. Omani women already know not to trust any man they are not related to which is the only reason Asian women get preyed upon more. My would-be-abductor [Omani male] thought I was Omani pretending to be Western. I was too shaken pretending to be brave and threatening to bash his car in with a boulder to get the car plate. Omani women after the fact we’re like, it is TOTALLY your fault. It is not safe in Oman. Women and children get raped by Pakistanis, Indians, and Omanis, so Omani women shouldn’t take taxis unless in large family group, walk alone, or go places that aren’t considered “safe decent” places. Which I believe is why mainly Asian and Western women [and not to forget children] get assaulted usually, because they don’t know which places or situations not to put themselves in.

    But two times in Canada someone tried to rape me (walking alone at night—dumb to do I know but I like my independence) to the one time in Oman…. So safety is relevant.

    The problem with safety in Oman is a. Omani women don’t report rapes and legally hospitals don’t have to report rapes even if they knew they happened and know who the rapist was [WTH, this law needs to change ASAP]. This leads to a culture of thinking that rape is a woman’s fault. Ironically, this kind of thinking was perpetrated to me by Omani women and not Omani men [the men were outraged and tried to be active about what happened to me].
    b. the media does not report all rapes and nor do the police issue warnings unless they are sure they can catch the bad buys. Which is WAAAAAAY different than Canada.

    • Well, I guess he is out of mind. Maybe he wants some attention and credit of his movie. Game over

    • I just want to comment on one thing you said which I take issue with. You wrote,”…why mainly Asian and Western women [and not to forget children] get assaulted usually, because they don’t know which places or situations not to put themselves in.” I don’t like this line of reasoning. The victims are the ones to blame as they didn’t know the places or situations that should put themselves in?!? Why don’t be just focus on putting the blame where it should be which is on the perverted, sense-centred, satantic thoughts within the heart of such men! Women and children should be safe anywhere and shouldn’t have to worry about such things. BTW, I heard from one Omani woman that many Omani women are in fact raped but would never dare to report it for the reasons you mentioned earlier about getting blamed for it. You are right that there is a culture of thinking that rape is a woman’s fault (seems to exist globally if you read carefully Western papers as well!!!) but when you state the reason rests on the victims “not knowing which places or situations not to put themselves in” it does sound like you are sharing that culture of thinking. I’m so sure that’s not your intention, but that’s totally how it came across to me.

  7. I am not meaning that at all. I am saying Omani women are stuck in a society where that reasoning leaves them being told they need a man or must travel in groups to get anything done. Being that they always back themselves up this way, they are less likely to be raped by strange males they do not know. Does not protect them from perverts from within society where they were told they would be safe though. I was planning to post on this issue in depth but it requires more research. I want better statistics than are available in the English media. I mean, it makes predators view Asian, and European women as easier targets, than the other women in groups. Also any woman seen as less affluent, will be seen as less of a risk to predator, obviously, since she will not be able to afford the best legal proceedings or, as an expat, have a gun-toting honour-killing tribe to back her up;). And yes, I make typos when I am upset and trying to say what I mean in the best possible way in a rush.

    • Princess,
      I was pretty sure you didn’t mean that and I’m glad you clarified it. Let me know if you ever write about this issue in depth as I’d be interested in reading it!

  8. The girls just finished writing a preliminary look into rape in Oman, but we’ll try to do a more in depth article when our more active Arabic-reader comes back from law school.

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