1000000 views   The funny thing is that I reached one million views on April Fool’s Day! (No joke!)  3 months now with over 50,000 views/month! WOW! Thanks for reading, folks!  It’s been quite a ride!

16 responses to “1,000,000 Views!

  1. Congratulations Andy!! 😀 that’s quite the milestone 🙂 . It’s always great to read up on your posts, keep them coming! 🙂

    • Thanks for the support, Anthony! 🙂 You keep them coming as well. You’ve slowed down on blogging but I see you’re just as active as ever on Twitter! 😉

  2. Wow, 1 million views that’s a milestone. Congratulations

  3. Wow that’s a huge of traffic, add at least single google adsense.

    • Yes, it is quite a bit of traffic. I have tried the “goodle adsense” thing but was only getting a mere 4-5 US dollars/month for ads by major companies in Oman and the region. I decided instead to offer ads to those interested after some marketing friend suggested it. The going rates I found (from another blogger) for ads on blogs with over 50,000 views seems to be 10 OR/day, 60/week or 220/month. As you can imagine, having just one ad for one week is more advantageous than having google adsense for a year! Then there’s the issue of not being able to review products (and restaurants I assume) unless it is “okayed” by google first. No thanks!

  4. Well done Andy! That calls for a beer…or two!

  5. Good hustle Andy!

  6. Mabrook, fantastic!

  7. Congratulations, Andy. I have learnt a lot reading you blog.

  8. My Tropical Home

    Congratulations Andy!

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