Entertainment in Muscat – “Let’s Go to the Mall”

Never thought I’d turn into “a mall rat”, haha!  I blame it on married life. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!)  My wife and kids love going to the mall and it seems we’re at the mall at least twice a week to eat out and shop.  Going to the mall is always an option.  The promos, sales and events at many of the malls here give you even more excuses to hang out.fairy in mall  At the beginning of this year, Muscat City Center had several folks in costumes to entertain the kiddies.  It seemed to be a big hit.yellow bike silver mangeisha in mallrobot in mall  donuts promo  Donuts + car = perfect promo for capturing my son’s attention!  🙂 (Dunkin’ Donuts at QCC)gershom and lightning  You can never go wrong with Lightning McQueen on display for the little ones! (Carrefour, MCC)  “Lightning McQueen” must have been one of my son’s first words. 😉Naomi in her car  It started with Gershom, but now even Naomi wants one of these cars/carts for kids when we’re shopping!  (1 OR/hour or $2.6 US)2 in 1 car  When we’re lucky they have these 2 seaters which costs 1.5 OR/hour  (or $3.9 US).book hunting  Whether you’re looking for a good book,Gershom on ipad  a quiet place to try your luck at angry birds,our princess  an enchanting spin on a mini amusement ride,naomi and tita  something different to bring back a sense of wonder,pinkberry addict  or simply looking for a place to stuff your face, the malls of Muscat seem to have it covered from A to Z!  🙂


3 responses to “Entertainment in Muscat – “Let’s Go to the Mall”

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  2. Such a beautiful story of time spent with family! We tried those kiddie carts in malls here once or twice. It was too hard when moving floors because the elevators were always full. Nowadays when the kids see the carts they still ask if they can ride ’em, even if they don’t fit anymore!

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