Garage Sale Donations Appreciated for Mission Trip Fund Raising!

donations appreciated  There will be a Garage Sale on May 10th in the Ghala Church compound to help the youth of our church raise funds for a worthy mission trip to the Philippines this summer.  Here’s how you can help:

If you are leaving Oman for good and would like to donate items for the Youth Mission Trip in the Philippines such as household items, linen, electrical items, books, clothes, toys, etc. please contact Jess at 99260146 or email Garage Sale is on May 10th from 8am – 1pm then 4-8pm.

The proceeds from the fund raiser will help a poor community of rice-farmers and assist in repairing a church, ministering at an orphanage, encouraging/visiting patients at a local hospital and running a kids/teens games program.  Your donations would help meet the needs of a town, community and church.

One response to “Garage Sale Donations Appreciated for Mission Trip Fund Raising!

  1. Carole Campbell

    I was in Oman in the early days of the first orphanage in Al Khuwair my profession was child care I jumped at the chance to help in any way I could. The orphanage needed so much help I called upon the help of the British and American women’s groups weekly meetings in my front room. The response was amazing the church of Oman Gerrard was the minister his wife Susie a great help. I became more involved meetings with the minister of education to open eyes to the great need for play rooms and a structured day for the orphans. All our efforts ended in the ministries having a wonderful orphans day in the park following this I was asked to the official opening of the orphanage a day I will never forget it was a great honour. We left Oman shortly after, about 20yrs my husband died last year I found myself thinking of Oman and the happy times spend in the orphanage. My thoughts are with the staff working at the orphanage.

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